Friday, May 6, 2016

Divas 2016 Half Marathon

hello all 2 of my faithful readers.
I know, I's been a while!
How the heck are you?
Me? I'm doing good. thanks for asking! :)

So here is a quick update.
2016 has started off a little shaky. My mom ended up in the hospital for about a month, thankfully she was released almost 2 months ago. She is doing mucho mucho better. So seeing how I was traveling to and from to see her, my running and eating wasn't my main focus. She was.
So once she got better. A full time position became available and I applied for it and got it. Woot woot!! Being full time, again, has taking some time to get use to. Naturally, training and my eating weren't my main focus.
But I was determined to do a half this year. I had already paid for this year's Divas 2016 Half Marathon, up in North Myrtle Beach. So I tried to find a new normal with being full time, taking care of the Brent, maintaining a household, and seeing and checking on my mom. Training really didn't all. But I was determined to complete my fourth half marathon, unconditioned or not.

Well May 1, 2016 came, the day of my fourth half. Yes! I knew I was going to end up walking most, if not all of it.
Of course, my prediction came to pass. I walked 99% of it. This race was, by far the worst in my running career. Not because the race itself but because of me.

I was totally unconditioned, out of shape, and not fueling my body properly. I *thought* I could come out of this race not in too bad of shape. Well, unfortunately, my body had other ideas. I feet took my brunt of the beating. I ended up with 8 BAD blisters, one toenail-less toe, 2 more toenails I'm going to lose, and one terribly bruised ego. My time was HORRIBLE, of course! I finished 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 51 minutes. The worst is I'm still paying for it on Friday, May 6, 2016.

Most people would say, "hey at least you finished it." True. But I am better than the performance I gave that day. I am better than the way I have been treating my body. I am better than this. Yes I finished but I want more than to *just* finish. I was to be better than I was my last race, my last miles, my last meal. Not because I *have* to but because I know I can. I want to. I want to push myself to the limits. I want to strive for a faster running time. I want to be better than I was before. Because surgery has given me this amazing opportunity and I DO NOT want to throw it away.

Sure somedays are better than others but overall I know I can do better and I WILL do better. Not because I *have* but because I *want* to and I'm worth it.

Lesson this half marathon has taught me: crappy training = crappy performance. And showed me why I did surgery and took up running. Because I *want* to.

So with this race over, I can focus my time, training, and energy into the Kiawah MARATHON.
Yes, M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N.
A whole 26.2 miles.
It's not until December, I have an awesome training program. This time around I'm going to add in muscle building and strength, to see if that helps with training and recovery.

I leave you with awesome pictures of this years Divas 2016 Half Marathon. FYI: I will beat my time next year for this race! Challenge accepted!