Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Johnston Dojo and 2015 Goals

Well after superfluously spending money on a gym membership that, like most people, I rarely use. 
I get most of my exercise on the pavement. Which is well free. 
I've decided to cancel our membership with the Gym. 
Instead we are going to build our own Dojo.

The Johnston Dojo

Next week we're going on vacation. Which means clean the house, yard work, and make room in the garage for our Dojo.
We're going to use half the garage for storage and the other half for the Dojo.
We're going to dig out and dust off the Bowflex, that Brent bought forever ago. Then over the next little while, add a Bowflex Max Trainer and eventually a treadmill.  Which we'll have one of Brent's buddies sniff out a good deal there. This guy can wheel and deal with one. 

So that's what is going on here! I hope everyone is having an amazing 2015 so far!

OH! And here are my goals for 2015!
1. Run 500 miles in 2015. 
So far I've clocked in 12.5 miles out 500 miles. Off to a good start.
2. Read more books.
Thanks to a dear friend's mother, I downloaded a new book. "The Invention of Wings", I hope it's good.
3. Maintain my healthyish lifestyle.
4. Blog more.
5. Continue to save money.

All achievable.
Until next time!
Happy Running!

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