Friday, December 19, 2014

What's This?

So yeah. 
Remember, I use to blog here. I just realized my last blog was waaaaaaay back in August. 
I guess when I took my hiatus from le Facebook and Instagram, apparently that meant my blog too. 
First of all, so sorry for staying away for so long.

Second of all, here is what's been going on.

They say when a blogger doesn't blog there is a chance they've gained weight. Well unfortunately, I fell into that category. 
Yes, the bariatric badass, the half marathoner, and super awesome me...gained weight. I gained about 20 pounds. Sadly, for no other reason than I just got plain lazy and reckless with my food choices. I didn't go to support group for MONTHS. I stopped running. 
Also between the business venture we've embarked on the and the fact I "THOUGHT", I didn't need any help after losing all the weight or help maintaining the loss. And we all know, that life has a funny way of showing me what's up.
However, I've lost about 5 pounds of that gain. I'm back to running and training for another half marathon in 2015. 
Lastly, Brent and I aren't working long ass hours anymore. We aren't pulling the 12-14 hour days, living in the drive thru, and not having a life. So that's been an adjustment. Lol

Unfortunately when we stopped working long hours, my Grandma had a health scare. She has dementia. Which meant I had to be there with her and my family. Because at the end of the day family comes first for me. So my half marathons I was going to run this year went on hold because I wasn't conditioned enough to running 13.1 miles. That's just asked for an injury. 

So that's been the past 4 months for me. But I'm back with a vengeance and ready to own 2015. Here's to wrapping up 2014 and not staying away for so long! 

And after the Christmas holiday has passed, I'll write my overview of 2014. So until then have a safe and Merry Christmas. As always happy running!

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