Friday, July 4, 2014

A quick thanks and an update!

A big thank you to everyone for helping/bearing with me, while I talk out the monsters in my head.
It's nice to have such a wonderful support system.
I feel mucho better after getting all that out of my head! I haven't been perfect, which we know there is no such thing. But I've been consistent with tracking and trying to eat a little more healthyish. :)

Other than that things are rolling right along. We have t-minus 24 days until Brent's new job starts. Things are falling into place. Not to much we can do right now. Just doing the legal mumbo jumbo. Then he'll be hitting the ground running. I'm honestly really excited for him. This is something he's wanted to do (be his own boss) for as long as I've known him. If he had his way, he would've started yesterday!

And I got some exciting news.


Well in my own mind but you'll see...just watch.
Each month my wonderful and amazing bariatric team puts out a newsletter. At my 18 month check up, Debbie got my blog address and said she was going to add it to the newsletter. And I'm in the newsletter for June!!! My little slice of the world wide web in a newsletter. I'm super stoked about that!
Here's the proof!

MUSC's Newsletter

I've been taking the puppies out for runs with me. Actually it's more like Sally, our almost 9 year old basset hound/lab mix, takes me for a run. And I drag Gus, our almost 1 year old box/lab mix, along for a run. It's nice to have company while I'm out there.
Which brings me to what I want for my birthday, I want to join the Charleston Running Club. I would love to be part of a group of people who *get* my love for running that are in real life. As much as I LOVE my niche of healthy people on my social media sites, I kind of miss that real life human interaction. Hopefully my wonderful husband, parents, or in-laws read this and get the hint! :)

Speaking of running., it's almost been a year since running has be come way of life for me. I can't really express how I feel about running. It's such an amazing, "oh my gosh, I'm dying", "I can conquer anything", "there is nothing that can stop me", "am I done yet?" feeling. I never thought I would want to join a running  group much less do a half marathon or 3 in one year. This is an amazing adventure I've been on for the past 22 months and I don't ever want to get off. I've grown by leaps and bounds. I'm not the same person I was. I'm so much stronger than I ever thought I could be. I'm the healthiest I've EVER been in all my (almost) 31 years of life. What more could a gal ask for?
Sure I've had my days/weeks where I'm like screw it, like the other day. And sure life gets wild, crazy, and unpredictable. But that's would be boring if it was anything else.

Brent and I had a milestone this week! We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! And boy I can tell you it doesn't feel like 3 years. We kept it low key because we decided that we were going to do big blow out celebrations every 5 years. So I convinced him for our 5th year to let me do one of my races of my running bucket list.
Naturally it will be a Disney Half!!
More importantly it'll be the 2016 Disney Wine and Dine Half and Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K!!!!!! I figure that will be a good one for him to enjoy also. Because of all the foods, beers, wines, and etc! :)
Naturally since we're down there, we would stay the rest of the week and celebrate our anniversary!! Damn it, I will be going on rides this trip. I didn't on our honeymoon because I was at my heaviest and I didn't want the embarrassment of not being able to fit on any of the rides.
Oh no! But not this time!! It's on this time!!! 
I would like to renew our vows in front of Cinderella's castle. Nothing fancy just something fun to do and capture such an amazing moment in our lives! I really couldn't have asked for a better guy to spend the rest of my life with.

Well that's all folks! Time to eat and then lace of the ole running shoes!

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