Friday, May 30, 2014

So Long, May 2014!

Ummm, where did May go?
I just wanted to touch bases with y'all to let you know I'm still alive.
I didn't live up to my fitness goals for the month. But I'm alright with that because life happens.
It's been a great month.
Nothing too exciting.
We are about to embark on Brent's new work adventure. So that is where most of my time is being used at. Getting the new business up and running.  Which will launch in about a month.
He's going to essentially have his own bread business, through the his current company. The Big Company gave the guys option to buy their own route. And this is something Brent has been wanting to do for some time. Be his own Boss. He enjoys what he does. He is buying a good area and is super excited about this new chapter. And, of course, I'm very excited for him.
We're both nervous but it's good a nervous.
We're now in the process of getting all his/our ducks in a row.
There is a lot that goes into doing your own business. From the LLC to insurance mumbo jumbo to all the fine little details in between.
So I'll, heck WE'LL, both be relieved when all this starting up stuff is behind us.  But the company is really great and helping the guys get ready also. That takes a huge load off!
That has been May. Most likely will be June, as well.
Ahhhhh, let the summer time madness begin!!
Between my Grandmother's memorail service in beginning of June to all the birthdays over the summer to the new business beginning. The Johnstons are going to be out of control! :)

But I have to fit blogging in there some how! I can't leave y'all high and dry for weeks or months on end. More blogging, more randomness, and more shenanigans!
Can't wait to see what June brings!
Thanks for bearing with me during this time!  

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