Friday, May 30, 2014

18 Month Check Up

Don't tell your Dietitian that you have a candy bowl.
Just sayin.
I learned that lesson. Debbie looked at me sideways. And asked why I had a candy bowl.
I told her the candy was on sale and I had a moment of weakness. She said I know why you bought the candy but why do you have a candy bowl still in your house? I was fumbling for a decent answer and couldn't come up with one because there wasn't a good answer.

She then told me we can't control the grocery store or being out in public. But we can control our home and our personal space. We have to set up our house/personal space for success.

*Light bulb went off*

Say wha?

You're telling me if it's not in my house. Then I won't be tempted to eat it.
Mind Blown!
I did tell her I had grapes and apples in the house. And she told me if she had tootsie rolls versus grapes and apples. She would go for the tootsie rolls.
Needless to say when I got home the tootsie rolls went in a bag for the guys at Brent's work.
Yay me!

The rest of the appointment we talked about maintenance. She told me now I'm at the point where I still have to work just as hard to maintain but not get the gratification of the weight failing off super fast. She was proud of me for not being so focused on what the scale says. I told her I kind of play around the same 3-5 pounds.
Then she transitioned to talking about having a cap weight. A number on the scale, that I start creeping towards. I implement a plan of action.
Which is simple and I do it 80% of the time. I take it back to basics.

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

*drum roll*
And that number is 185. Right now. Ultimately I want that number to be 177. Ideally I want to stay around 170-175. I think that is a good healthy weight for me. I know according to that BMI bullshit, I should be 140 something! HA! No thank you. I think with my build, which is athletic. I won't feel comfortable trying to maintain that weight. Plus all the skin I have hanging out, I figure maybe I have 10-20 pounds of just skin. But that is another blog altogether!

Then the rest of the appointment was everyone "Oohing" and "Aahing" at my success. Dr. Pullat actually took pictures and I found out he shows them to people. Which makes me feel all warm in fuzzy inside. And I bragged about becoming a half marathoner, getting in the paper for the Bridge Run, and all the other running things I have set up for the year.
And sadly, this was my last appointment with Debbie. She moved on to another position within the hospital. Yes, she'll still be around but not in the same aspect. Which saddens me, because I adore her! She is great at what she does and I wish her nothing but mucho success in her new department! And Nina is still here whipping us all into shape. Along with the new nutritionist coming in July. Can't wait to meet her!

It was a great appointment and it has been a GREAT adventure.
Now I just go once a year, for a check up. But I'll still be going to the support groups and side things with the hospital. But it won't be the same.

But it's time to close that chapter on being a newbie post-op and now time to see where this maintenance shenanigans is taking me!

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