Monday, April 7, 2014

What Now?

I don't know!
I don't have anymore races in the books until November and December.
I haven't found one that I NEED to do.
I have found a bajillion I WANT to do but with Brent's new business venture, I have to be selective on my races...for now.

I just completed my annual Cooper River Bridge Run. I did awesome, as always. I'll write my recap on that later today or during the course of the week. Since I have ALL this time because I'm not training for anything. :)

Don't worry I'm still going to run but I'm just not train for anything. I've found my way back to the Gym. I am obsessed with Spinning and Cycling. Since I want to do a triathlon, I figure that would be a good place to build up my cycling strength.
I've also gotten into yoga. Dare I say I've become a "Yogi"...let's not get crazy. But I really love the focusing on the mind part of yoga and letting everything go. Hence the reason I do it. Those are my two classes that are on regular rotation along with Combat...which I'm getting back to this week. I'm also going to try a class called WERQ. Apparently it's a dancing/cardio class. And y'all know me...I love my dancing.

As I posted on the Facebook page. Which you should go check out! And if you haven't "Liked" it FOR SHAME!! Well here is the perfect time to "Like" it because we all know you do! :)

I'm asking y'all to get interactive with me.
Since I have NO clue what to write.
Tell me what would y'all like to read about.
To be honest, maintenance is super boring so that's why I haven't written anything pertaining to my weight in a while.

So I ask my people:
What would you like to read?

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