Friday, April 25, 2014

Final Farewell

So after an insane week of emotions, traveling, and a final farewell to an old friend. I made it back to Charleston safely but on the way home I had a lot of time to think. A good hour almost two hours, depending on when I hit traffic.

I just want y'all to continue to keep his Family, Girlfriend, and Best Buddy in y'all thoughts and prayers over the next while. He was a well loved guy. He had an amazing turn out. Which goes to show y'all the lives he touched

After the viewing on Monday a couple of us from the posse went to dinner and to remember him, catch up, and just to remember the old times along with making plans to start some new memories. I had such a blast just hanging out, bonding, and laughing. We laughed a lot. It felt like the old days.
I can't believe I'm saying "old days" What the heck?!
It was just nice to be able to remember our friend in that way.
Tuesday was the funeral. Again he had a packed house. And it made things very real. This was the final farewell. He had beautiful music playing. His sister read a poem, the family put together. Of course it brought the room to tears. It was a nice service.

Afterwards a couple of us went for dinner to catch, remember, and talk about things. Nothing too crazy.
Then it was time for me to head on home.

As I mentioned before I had some time to think. A lot of time to think. And I mentioned in the previous blog about how naturally a death makes you think about your own mortality.
I began to think about mine.

I thought about how I would want my funeral to be.
I want my funeral to be a celebration of my life and all that I've accomplished. I want the music to be New Orleans jazz style...with the horns and everything. I want to have a "Honey Roast", it's a roast but with nice things. I want people up there saying, "I remember the time Lydia and I did..." and then attach some story where we were being dumbasses! I want all my race medals in my casket it with me. Just saying! Hahaha!

I thought about how I wanted to continue to maximize my new release on life.
Now that I'm 19 months out, I'm not losing as much or losing as fast or sometimes not even losing. Which is fine because when I look at the bigger picture. I am just blown away on what I've already achieved in just 19 months. I've worked my ass off. And I want to continue to reach new levels of my running, eating, and overall well being. As I've mentioned before I didn't go through all this crap to go back to 377 pounds. Now I'm currently looking for another half to do! HOLLA!

I thought about how I've been half assing my eating and exercise.
And I have been half assing for sometime. Not just this past week. And not all the time. I'll do awesome for a few days. I'll get fruits and veggies in, get my water in, and exercise. Then some days "Unhealthy Lydia" surfaces and things go sideways. And sometimes it takes longer to get back in line, then it did in the beginning. Along with maximizing and amping things up. I'm going to be trying new recipes, blogging more, and trying new exercises and maybe even become an instructor for some of them!

I thought about my 18 month check up, that was on Thursday and thank goodness they call. Because home girl had forgotten about it. Can't believe it's been a year and half. I'll blog about my incredible appointment.

I thought about how this drive sucks and I wish the rain would stop.
The facts of life.

I thought about what I needed/wanted to do with my time on this Earth.
I've come to the conclusion, I want more Halfs, some Marathons, traveling, eating new and exciting foods, stepping out of my comfort zone. I rather say "At least I tried it." Then "What if..." or "I'm scared..."

These are the thought that have been in my head over the past week. Time to execute them and begin another chapter of this crazy Adventure.

So thank you, Josh. Thank you for the memories, the ass whooping in video games, your dorkiness, and your humor. You'll be missed dearly. Until next time.

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