Friday, April 25, 2014

Cooper River Bridge Run 2014 Recap

FINALLY it is written!

Y'all know this is my annual run.
I started this yearly date with myself in 2012.
In 2012 I was at my highest, or with in 10 pounds or so.
I wanted to finish in under 3 hours. I finished in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

In 2013 I was 6 months post op from Gastric Bypass. I was around 250.
I wanted to finish in under 2 hours. I finished in 1 hour and 54 minutes.

In 2014 I was 18 months post op. I was 180 pounds.
I wanted to be fast enough to get in the paper. Because they feature the top 10,000 fastest Men and top 10,000 fastest Women. I finished in 1 hour and 15 minutes!

I GOT IN THE PAPER BITCHES!! I'm number 9,225 of the fastest women! Overall I finished in 18,000 something...out of 40,000 people!

Say WHA?!

I set my goal and killed it. It was such an incredible experience. I actually finished while there was still stuff going on Downtown in Marion Square.

I can't even begin to process what this year's race meant for me. From just completing my first Half 4 weeks earlier to achieving my goal for the Bridge Run. I have such an incredible sense of proud, accomplishment, and badassness!!

This year my baby Brother and I had our sibling rivalry taken out on the Bridge this year.

Since he is a runner too, we had a friendly competition going on. Well as friendly as siblings can be! :) I was actually in a coral further up than he was. So I lowered myself to his level to make it an even playing field. And to make my victory that much sweeter. We were in the last coral. Let's just say it took us an hour to even begin our race.
But nonetheless it was on once they said GO!
My brother darted ahead of me. Leaving me in the dust. I had some issues with my new running belt. Yes, I'm THAT runner. The one with all the geeky running stuff!
And to be honest, it was because I didn't run much after the Half but I was doing spinning and yoga. I did some cross training.
Once I got everything situated, it was time to focus and keep my eyes on the prize.
I knew if I pushed myself to much before the Bridge, I wouldn't have enough gas to finish strong. I set my pace to about 12 minutes a mile. Which from the start line to the bridge is about 2 miles.
All of a sudden I was at the bridge.
I was weaving in and out of groups of walkers. Once there was enough room for me to slow down and speed walk. I huffed up the bridge.

Courtesy of

Yeah it doesn't *look* too bad. But the incline is insane. So I told myself, just speed walk to the half way point on the top of the bridge and it'll be downhill from there!
HA! See what I did there! I'm so funny!
That was my plan and I stuck to it. All of a sudden, I was half way through. I was at the top of the bridge and then "Let It Go" came on. I ran my heart out and down the other half of the Bridge into Downtown Charleston. It was such a freeing thing for me. I had my mojo. I had my pace. Then BAM 4 miles down. Now I'm downtown bobbling and weaving out of people. Passing people for other corals. Feeling like a hot sweaty million bucks. Then I saw the sign for mile 5. Say what! I only have 1.2 miles left. At this point, I slowed down some. I wanted to RUN across the finish line this year. I walk for about half a mile. Now it was go big or go home.
Then "Run For The Hills" came on. By Iron Maiden for you non-metalheads. Naturally when that song comes on you HAVE to run. So running is what I did. Then "Eye of the Tiger" came on right as I turned the corner to finish that last .2 miles. Perfect timing.
That last .2 miles was amazing. I thought about where I was 2 years ago to now. And where I'm going. It was incredible.
I crossed the finish line at 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I found my family in the sea of people. I asked about Andy and no one had seen him!
Twenty minutes later my brother crosses the finish line. 
However, I'm also very proud of him. He took about 10 minutes off his time. He said he had a rough start and just couldn't shake it.

So this was the best Bridge Run to date. I'm so proud of myself and all my accomplishments. But I could not have done it without my super amazing support system, my equally incredible team at MUSC, and of course Frankentummy.

And my goal for next year is to finish under 1 hour. 
Watch out Kenyans...I'm coming for you!! :)