Thursday, March 20, 2014

Palmetto Bluff 2014 Half Packet Pick Up Recap

I honestly haven't written anything because I can't begin to even put into words how incredible this experience was to me. There are no words to describe going from a 377 pounds insecure girl to one badass self confident half marathoner, in the span of a year and a half.

But here it goes!

Since the race was in Bluffton, SC. Which is about 2 hours away from Charleston. I made the trek to ritzy Bluffton/Hilton Head area the day before the race. I picked this race because it was a gorgeous, scenic, and beautiful trail. Plus, I figured if I was going to die...why not be in such a beautiful place.
I loaded up some healthy snacks, protein, and a lot of water and hit the the road.

At this point I was a bundle of nerves. I was honestly a basket case. I was so nervous. I was wondering if I could do this. I was wondering if I had trained enough. I was wondering if I was going to finish in the time I set for myself. I was wondering if was simply ready. I was wondering what if my body couldn't hold up. I was wondering what if I didn't like it. I was wondering what if I didn't finish.

And this was the record I heard for the next...two...hours.

THANKFULLY! I arrived to my destination.
A little cute running store. I arrived a few minutes early to assess my situation. I hopped out of the truck. Put my game face on. Went in the store, took a look around and found the packets. Found my place in line and waited until they started giving them out. I had my packet in a few minutes.

Then I walked over to get my coveted half t-shirt.

That's when things went sideways!

Plain and simple the t-shirt Nazi was a complete douche!

I don't want to have this post be a negative and ranting one. Because this was such a small part of the grand scheme of things. But it's funny now.
When I signed up for this race, back in October 2013, I didn't know what t-shirt size I would be wearing. At that point XLarges and Larges were getting too big. So I ordered a Medium. Thinking they were unisex t-shirts, like every other race I've done.
But I got to the station and they had women and men t-shirts. Naturally since I'm a woman...I would have receive a woman's medium. HELL NO! There is no way that would've fit. So I told the t-shirt crew that I  was under the impression that the shirts were unisex and that it why I ordered what I did. Apparently the lady in front of me thought the same thing. And we asked if we could swap them out for the proper men size.
The t-shirt guy was like we pre-order them for what is needed, so I'm not sure. Let me check.
Enters t-shirt Nazi.
He proceeded to say "Ladies, you need to know what size you ordered. Because blah blah blah I'm a douche and secretly want to have lady parts."
Okay seriously I blocked out what he really said after the first part.

My first thought was, FUCK YOU! I signed up 6 months ago, I've lost 200 pounds and didn't know what size I was going to be wearing. So kiss my ass.
What I actually said/did was with my straight serious face "Sooo can I get a men's medium?" And just took one.

But on the way home, I called Brent and told him the whole story. I told him I never wanted to do this race again or do the actual race the next day. And I was going to punch the guy.
Naturally, being the voice of reason my husband is, talked me off the ledge. Basically said don't let this moron ruin what you've worked so hard for and trained so hard for. You're doing it. He's a jerk but added more intense words.

That wraps up my experience picking up the packet. 
I'll be writing a separate one for the actual Half, with pictures and everything! I just want to right words to describe the whole thing.


  1. Aw man that does suck. I've had that happen before too, without them being rude about having to trade though. The form needs to specify "Women's Cut" shirt and not just ask a size because yeah, those Women's Mediums are tiny compared to a normal Tshirt Medium. Glad your husband talked you off the ledge ;)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only this has happened to! Ugh! So aggravating! But glad it was resolved and hubby chilled me out! :)