Friday, February 7, 2014

A Running Post...Shocker.

Good Morning!

I know I haven't blog on here but I've been checking in on THE FACEBOOK PAGE! Remember click the link and like the page. :) Shameless self promotion...DUH! It's called "Networking" now! :)

Felt like I had to blog. Not really sure what to talk about. Nothing's going on.

I guess this is what we call maintenance. Not really sure since this is uncharted territory. I've been maintaining my weight around 183-187 pounds. Which is awesome. But my OCD side wants to lose another 10 pounds just to make my total loss 200 pounds. Which by the way is INCREDIBLE! Not to say losing 193 isn't either but that damn OCD!

But right now I'm focused on the half marathon training! Which is just a month and 2 days away!! Roughly this time next month I'll be a half marathoner! I can't even wrap my mind around that one. Going from 377 pounds to a half marathoner in a year and a half! Who would've thought!? Oh crap! March 12 will be a year and a half since surgery. What am awesome way to celebrate!! Holla!!

As for Le Half Training.
It's going awesome! I'm smashing my personal records left and right. My knee and ankle are holding up fine. Shit! Better not jinx myself! :) I feel myself getting stronger. I'm getting faster. I'm breathing better. I'm making smarter choices. I'm doing it.

Here are some stats real quick.
First 10K (6.2 miles and the Cooper River Bridge Run) 2012: I finished in 2 and half hours
Second 10K (The Bridge Run again) 2013: I finished in One hour and 58 minutes
Umpteenth 10K (2/6/2014 and Half Marathon Training Long Run): I finished in One hour and 20 minutes

I run 5K and 10Ks for fun now! HAHAHA! A 5K (3.1 miles) now is a "short" run to me!

Speaking of running!  My time per mile is awesome! Before I would walk a mile in 25-30 minutes. Now I'm running them in 11-12 minutes! And I can run a 5K in 38 minutes! And I remember when I did my first 5K a bajillion years ago it took me One hour and 15 minutes!

And people want ME to run with them and ask ME for running advice!! What?! That one blows my mind! I'm so honored and humbled that people want to embark on this process and want to include me.

My one piece of advice. Just start. That's how I began. I started out walking and look where I'm at. I'm not looking to beat the Kenyans...I'm just looking to beat Unhealthy Lydia and keep Runner Lydia hitting the pavement. I never knew I would love running.  I always thought about how cool it would be to be a runner and be so free...but never thought it would actually happen. Now here I am considering myself a runner. An athletic person. A HEALTHY person.

So although the weight is staying still and I have my days where I do NOT want to go running. I make sketchy food choices. But I know I'm much healthier, happier, and stronger person because of what I've gone through. I've been given the most incredible gift...having my life back. So I'll  be damned if I'm going to waste. I'm going to seize every opportunity that life has to offer me.

On that note...I'm off to sign up for some races!

Happy Running! Xoxo



  1. I am so excited for your first half! You're doing so well with your training. You're going to rock it!