Thursday, December 12, 2013

Weight Update

When did December get here?
I seriously can't believe it.
And I thought I have blogged in December but looking back...I have not! LOL!
So here is my first blog for December! :)

I'm sure y'all are wondering about things on the weight loss front. Well not much is going on there. I'm pretty much maintaining my weight around the 184-186. I'm completely okay with that. I would like to see 7 more pounds gone to make the total 200 pounds gone. I want that by the end of the year. So that just means I have to buckle down and follow the my plan. Which I clearly know how to do but I'm just enjoying all the work I've done so far. I'm really finally living and I'm looking at everything completely different.

Small petty things that I use to worry about before I'm say "fuck it now". If it doesn't bring positive energy and happiness to me or my world...then I don't want/need it in my life. I've cut ties with my "old" life because those habits, I created, weren't good or healthy for me. So I feel as if I almost am rebooting myself. And honestly I'm really okay with that...I've created a niche of people who have gotten the surgeries or doing some form of weight loss or who have the running/walking/exercising bug. That's something I never thought I would be a part of...sort of wanted to but never thought or knew how to get there. And honestly I was so worried about what people thought of a 377 pound woman running or what she was doing in that gym class. But I learned that no one cares what I do and to just get out there and do it. Life really opens up and begins when you realize that.

And the surgery, my new found confidence, and the fact I'm older...I just don't give a rip! So kudos to me! Grant it there are times when that negative self talk, doubt, people pleaser comes back...but I've learned to keep all that at bay and use those skills in another way. Or get them out in another exercising.

Which brings me to something I'm been slacking on. Yes the Goddess/Queen of exercising...isn't exercising. Yes I called myself out and I need y'alls help to keep me honest. If you're following my Facebook page, and if not you should's pretty awesome! But if you are and you haven't noticed any running or exercising me out on it. I might be pissed but I'll realize I've been a slack ass and go do something! :)

Sooooo that's all I have to stay about that.

Thanks for continuing to read this insanity that is my life!! Xoxo

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