Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let's Get Right to the Point

We all kind of knew the half training wasn't going to happen or my daily "what I'm eating" blogs. Clearly because it's Christmas week and I'm being slightly naughty!

The Johnstons have decided to participate in a new tradition HOLIDAY BAKING! And with baking comes test tasting. And test tasting leads to scarfing down a bajillion cookies and yummy sweet treats! And Frankentummy has been good but I haven't. I've been pumping myself up with all these delicious evil treats, that make me feel yucky,  and BLAH. SO by doing that I'm neglecting the proper nutrition I need. Like high and lean proteins, low carbs, healthy carbs...etc. A fine example of what I've been doing; yesterday all I ate was cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was a combo of hamburger helper and sugar cookies! Yes. Dinner of champions!

But in the same breath, I can't be to pissed because it's the holidays and time for family and blah blah blah. And thankfully I've been in the same weight range, so it is REALLY that bad? Honestly for me...yes. I know me. I know what lurks under this new healthy life I've built. I know "Unhealthy Lydia" and habits are ready to come back at the drop of a hat. I know I have no self control. My self control, right now, is the fact Frankentummy can only hold so much. Thank God because my face would be stuffed with cookies and all sorts of holiday yumminess.

This seriously would be me...and honestly has been me!

Courtesy of GIFPAL

With all this being said, I don't want the holidays or my life to be about what I "can" and "can't" eat. But it has to be...that's the life I chose. That's the whole point of why I went through surgery to enjoy a long healthy life. And the price I paid for that...is having to watch what I eat.

So to my new and faithful readers: I commit to doing better. Starting with my next meal. Because honestly my breakfast was a cupcake and cookies.
The struggle is real! So lunch will be something yummy and healthy! Dinner will be at my parents and mom said it's going to be delicious! Mom said we're having egg, cheese, sausage and hash browns for breakfast tomorrow. Brent's family is serving ham and a smorgasbord of other goodies! So my game plan is to be aware of my surrounding and eat accordingly. Then kick it to high gear, ass kicking mode on the 26th. Hitting the road and Pump Thursday morning. And good healthy high protein/low carb meals for the Hubster and I! Time to get back to my fighting weight and stop feeling like a BLAH machine!

Probably wondering what brought this on...trying on clothes this morning and getting pissed! Because I was bloated feeling and just BLAH feeling. But I'll write about that in another blog. Go and enjoy your holidays!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!!

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