Monday, December 16, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap 12/16/13

There was a 3.5 miler on today's schedule. A stupidly cold one at that.

As I mentioned I was going to repeat week 2 but I got out there and changed my mind! I felt good, my knee felt good...let's stay on track with training!

I was scheduled for 3.5 miles but I ended up doing 3.9 miles. The .4 was part of my cool down. Went home and stretched and put another run in the books. 

This one took about 57 mins...which is my 4 mile average. Sounds like I'm back on track from my No Run, November...due to my knee injury and me getting in my head. Read all about it on this Blog. But it feels great being back to where I was and following a training schedule. 

And as always, here is my running montage! :)

One of the reasons I run is because I'm preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. You laugh but the way shit is going we'll have one. And I'll be prepared. I just need to work on my archery and katana skills! ;)



  1. Hey girl, I just wanted to encourage you to keep on that training! I just did my first half yesterday and I really hurt myself because after the long runs got to 8 miles I gave up, and a month later had to do the 13.1 miles. You'll enjoy yourself more and hurt less if you keep on it! So get it girl and rock it out!!

    1. Hey Rebecca! Congrats on completing your first half!! What an awesome feat!!! I'm excited for my mine!! I can't wait! And thank you for your support and encouragement!! :)