Thursday, December 12, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap 12/12/13

I just realized that today is 15 months since surgery! Holy crap! Where does the time go?! What a wild and crazy ride! And the best decision EVER...hands down!


Picture from someEcards.

I was scheduled to do 3 miles and 3.2 miles is what I did. It took me 45:46 minutes.

That shit was cold! I don't know how people up North do it. I barely survived with it being "only" 38 degrees...that's in Fahrenheit.

After what seemed like HOURS, I was finally ready to hit the pavement. Two jackets, two shirts, one vest, pants, two sets of socks and my fabulous shoes later. I put my heart rate monitor and filled up my I was FINALLY ready to go! I stepped outside and instantly thought "WHAT THE TOM FULLERY IS THIS MADNESS!!??"

I'm not a cold runner! I rather have heat and I can't believe I'm saying that.

I'm fine with my time. I'm not terribly focused on that right now. I'm just more focused on my distance and not injuring myself. I know the speed with come in time. Overall I'm pleased with this run. I did have to walk about half a mile after I got this sharp pain in my side. I just walked it out and took deep breaths. Trying to breathe with that damn cold madness is horrible. Probably why I got that pain in my side...I wasn't breathing enough. But once the pain subsided, I was back to running and finished strong.

So that's today's recap! On tomorrow's agenda is a 30 minute walk and a gym class. I'm thinking either Zumba or BodyCombat. I'll probably do Zumba...I feel like shaking my money maker!



  1. This cold weather running is crap. Good job getting out there!

    1. Thanks girl! It sure was hard though! I'm sure you understand the struggle!! LOL!