Friday, December 13, 2013

Foods for 12/13/13

My morning was a 2 cup kind of day.

Cup of Tuna Salad (tuna, relish, and duke's light mayo)
A splash of olive oil, lemon juice, and spices.

Lunch was a complete bust! I forgot my healthy snacks for after my gym classes and then I had some running around to do. So I wasn't going to home for lunch and of course I forgot my healthy snack. And in a moment of weakness I went Whole Foods. Good idea at the time because I had a game plan. Yogurt and berries was what I went in for...sadly I didn't leave with that! I was doing good until I walked by bakery...everything went down hill! I ended up putting the yogurt back and bought cookies! Gastric bypass fail!  

Breakfast for Dinner

Overall not a bad day and I have found out tracking my food like makes me more aware of my food choices! Grant it a couple of the choices have not been the greatest but I'm being honest. This isn't an easy process and I don't claim to be perfect. But it's my process and I'm forever learning what to eat and not eat. So it's a challenge everyday but well worth it! 

That's today's foods.



  1. You're doing a great job tracking your food! Cookies for lunch isn't always a bad thing (although, I know you maybe shouldn't b/c of your WLS) but as long as you're not having cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner your day won't be a fail. =)

    1. Thanks Jodi!
      Yeah I think if I had cookies for all my meals then I would be a in sugar coma! lol but it's behind me and all I can do it make it better today! Right? :)