Friday, December 27, 2013

Does Your Skin Hang Low, Does It Wobble to the Floor...

As we all know I've lost close to 200 pounds.
Not bragging...okay maybe a little! :)
But that gift comes with a curse.


I've wanted to touch on this subject because lately I've been finding clothes/bra shopping to be a big pain in my shrinking ass. But I wasn't quite sure on how to get it into words. So here goes.

Yes I have extra skin, wearing the right clothes, apparently I hide it well. Awesome! I don't mind that...but the clothes do come off and I'm reminded. Normally I let it roll off my backs, and go with it because I much rather has this issue than one foot in the grave.
I'm not regretting my decision to have surgery at all! This is the price I pay to have my healthy life and I would do it again every single time.

But when clothing/bra companies don't take extra skin into their clothing gets kind of frustrating. Such as trying to find a pretty, non granny, non sports bra. Because sometimes I want to wear normal clothes and pretty dresses and sports bras don't look that good under those types of clothes.

Case and point: I've gone to Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant several months ago and recently to get properly fitted. Those 2 companies have fitted me buuuuuuuuut their bras don't fit right.
My skin runneth over.
Or my boobs don't fill the cup.
Or they do but they spill over on the side.
Or their just plain uncomfortable.
Or their just stupid.
Or their just not right.

I've been measured at several different times. I *think* I'm some where around 38 C/D...maybe? But when I try on those sizes, either the cup size is too big or too small. Hell the waist band size is too big but the 36 is too tight. And I want high sides...actually I need high sides so my side boob skin stays in place.

Is that to much to ask for? To have a bra where I don't have to tuck in my extra skin.

Shirts I'm fine with...I actually can fit in a Medium!! HOLLA!!!!

Pants/Shorts/Skirts are another blog all together. I have a couple stomachs. To give you a better picture, my belly button gets lost in all that extra skin. I have a fat apron! Where my lower stomach skin hangs over like an apron. I've heard women who have had C-sections have this same problem. 

My thighs, my strong strong thighs. That have held me at my highest and have grown stronger with each run...fall victim to this extra skin epidemic. I call them "thigh balls" but it's just extra skin from my thighs that just hang there like a set of balls. 

My "thigh balls" and the fat apron are the most painful. Because I get rashes and yeast infections in there. So medically I'm pretty sure those spots are covered with insurance. But my boobs and arms...those are just vanity surgeries.

Yes I'm looking into skin removal surgeries. But that is several years down the road. I rather have kids first then go through the surgeries and stretch it all out again. So until then I'm going to bitch, tuck, and camouflage my latest nemesis.

Again. Not regretting my decision for Gastric Bypass at all but if you're going to lose about 200're going to have to extra skin. It's just frustrating when you just want a bra that fits right!

Well off to go tuck in stomachs and join the human race today!


  1. Have you tried measuring yourself and ordering bras online? I did that recently and had much better results than going to VS or Lane Bryant.

    1. I'm alittle scared to do that. Just because I'm scared that it wouldn't fit or be what I want it to be. It's just a pain in the butt!! LOL! But I'll look into that option! Thanks girl! :)