Friday, November 29, 2013

5Ks are Short Runs

Here I am sitting up in bed because Frankentummy is rebelling against me. I've decided to blog because I'm bored and I was thinking about past entries and I finally came up with an idea.

I know at the beginning of surgery, I wrote a bucket list I would've like to achieve after surgery. You can read it here...Bucket List.

So it gave me the idea of another bucket list...

My Runners Bucket List!

Races I would love to do one day or racing related stuff.

My first thing I would like to do is actually run a race every month for 2014. I already have 2 set up for February, March and April. More than likely I'll do the Turkey trot and Reindeer run next November and December. So I already have 5 races going can't be that hard to find 7 more! I have one for May in mind. To make things easier I'll make of list of my 2014 Challenge.

Lydia's 2014 Run a Race Once a Month Challenge:

January -
February - Cupid Undie's One Miler
March - Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon
April - Cooper River Bridge Run
May - Foam Fest 5K (Hopefully)
June -
July -
August -
September -
October -
November - Turkey Trot (Hopefully)
December - Reindeer Run (Hopefully)

Wow that challenge title is a mouth full! Maybe y'all can come up with a more creative one or shorter one! If you do no prizes just me being eternally grateful!  :)

On to

My Running Bucket List:

1. The Barkley Marathon

*cue creepy music*

Here is a article about the Marathon in the New York Times. THE BARKLEY
You ask: "Lydia, are you insane?"
My response: "DUH!!!"

I don't consider myself an ultrarunner by any means...right now or ever. But the fact this Marathon is set up for you to fail. Sign me up...not because I want to fail...because I'm the type of person you tell me I can't do something; by george I'm going to do just to prove you wrong. And I love that type of motivation, that type of pushing, and that type of pure CA-RAZINESS!!!!

If you to lazy to read the article...I say read it anyways! It's insane. But Cliffnote version; it's 100 miles you have to complete in 60 hours. But some who have down it say it's more like 120-130 miles. It's in the mountains of Tennesse. So you have elevation to worry about. I think they said it's anywhere from 16,000 to 18,000 elevation status! It's a trail run. It's a very selective race. The guy only picks 35 people to do it. You don't know when the actual race is or when you enter. And the only way you learn when the race is going to happen is, when he selects you. He picks a "sacrificial virgin" each race...someone he's pretty sure won't finish it. It's completely and utterly INSANE and I love it!!

2. Walt Disney World Marathon

Of course I want to do a Disney Marathon. :) I want to do them ALL! But I want to do this one because they have this challenge called the "Dopey Challenge". You run 48.6 miles over the span of 4 days. You run their 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon over the course of the weekend! Disney characters are along side of the race cheering you on. You get racing "bling" aka a medal for completing the challenge. Again it sounds so much fun and incredible awesome! Plus I'm in Disney and who wouldn't love to run around Disney! :)

3. Wine & Dine Half Marathon

This one is another one in Disney! It's a night run around 3 of the parks and then a big wine and dine party afterwards!! Sign me up! YES PLEASE!! Running, Wining, and Dining!! Oh yeah!! Then the morning of the half Marathon is Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K at Animal Kingdom! How cool would it be to run around all the parks! And I love how a 5K is a short run for me! LOL!

4. Disney Princess Half Marathon

Of course keeping with the Disney theme. This one is one I've always wanted to do since I found out about ruDisney and marathons! This is a Princess themed Disney run. And they have a "Glass Slipper Challenge". You run 19.3 miles over the course of 2 days. It's a 10K on Saturday and a Half on Sunday. And of course you get a special racing "bling" with that challenge also.

I've kind of come to the conclusion that my "bling" is different from other ladies bling. I don't want fancy diamonds...just give me a race with medals and a challenge. I'm one happy camper. Ha! Kind of funny.

5. The Twilight Zone Tower of  Terror 10 Miler

My last DisneyWORLD run I'm adding to my bucket list!

Because there are a couple DisneyLAND runs I want to do but those are in California and require a little more of an effort. ;)

But this 10 miler is a nighttime run around Hollywood Studios and the streets are littered with Disney Villains and Disney, of course, adds things to make it creepy and fun! Then the morning of that race is a 5K Trail run and I would enjoy that! But hell I just enjoy running.

Maybe my running friend, Jodi over at 13.1 Miles to Disney would like to venture out on a couple of these Disney ones with me! :) Maybe?! Yeah I called you out! ;)

So this is my list right now. There a couple other marathons I want to do like a Rock n Roll Marathon in GA, the Boston Marathon and the NYC Marathon. And then I got this crazy idea to maybe try to get racing "bling" from marathons or halfs in all 50 states. Talk about a Challenge but hey that's the life I chose now!

I hope you guys had a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving. I am so grateful you guys take the time out of y'all's day to read my blog! So thank you!

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