Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Year Checkup

On October 24, 2013 I went to MUSC for my one year follow up appointment.

I consider it to be a good appointment.

I weighed in at 192. Not bad considering I've been indulging. Brent was on vacay so that means road trips, eating out, not following my schedule, not worrying about the scale, and just plain enjoying where I am at.

Being on vacay was worth the 5 pounds. And honestly I would do it again. But now the fun and games are over with and time to refocus and get back to kicking ass. So I posted my goals in this blog. I got back to running this week after not running for a week and half. I did almost 6 miles on Monday. And my time wasn't bad for any of it.

But back to the appointment.

They weighed me. They checked my blood pressure...which clocked in at 96/64. I don't EVER remember my blood pressure being that good. Maybe when I was born. Although my blood pressure was decent before surgery, it is now me! :)
My oxygen and heart rate were also off the charts awesome. I think my heart rate was like 54 beats. Not bad.

And then Brent and I were taken back into the room to wait for Debbie or Nina and Dr. Pullat. First Danielle came in, she is one of the students studying under Dr. Pullat. She just asked me basic questions. How are things going? How has your eating been? How is this and that going? And I answered and bragged and had her in amazement. She wrapped up and left.

Next walks in Dr. Pullat! Best complaint he gave me. He first said who is this? I don't even recognize this person. Probably says that to everyone. But then he proceeds to say "Out of all my patients, I'm pretty sure you've lost the most."

"SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!?!" I said. I knew I lost a lot but I hear my surgeon say I've lost the most out of his patients. I was honored and that has pushed me to get back in check and get to my personal goal of at least losing 200 lbs.

So Dr. Pullat was mindblown and admired his handy work and my hard work.

Then Nina came in and I told her to yell at me because I've been indulging and enjoying myself to much. But also told her that I've busted my ass to get to this point and I want to enjoy things now. And she told me that's completely normal...she hears a lot of that from the one year out post op patients. I was okay so I'm not losing my mind. She then just asked what my game plan was and I told her to get back to basics. Protein and fruits and veggies. She said that was good and I knew what to do and just do it.

I asked if there was a certain weight I should be looking at. And she told me it was up to me. But I have lost 73% of my body fat and the average was 60-70%. So I exceeded the hospital's goal. But she told me to pick a number where I'm comfortable at. She said if your comfortable where you're at right now just maintain but if you want to lose some more, you still have about 6 months of losing time. I was like okay cool.

So I think my personal goal is going to be somewhere between 160-170 lbs. I'm going to get to 177 pounds and see how I like it there. Then if I feel like losing some more I go to 165 and probably just  maintain after that. I figure I have about 10-20 pounds of extra skin so I'm taking that in to consideration with reaching these goals. But right now I'm just focused on getting to 177 and see what that is like! :)

Well that was my one year check up in a nutshell and now on to hitting the pavement!


Weight Loss Updates - 9/16 - 10/30

Hi! Remember me?! The Elephant who is suppose to blog about her weight loss and her half marathon training!? Well this Elephant is a forgetful one! lol But nothing alittle update blog can't fix!

Weight loss front: I got to half my old body weight! I'm currently 189.6 lbs. Which is crazy to think a year ago I was over 300 lbs. Now I have a "1" in front of my weight. Crazy...still trying to process all that! But I've be playing around with the same 5 pounds. I lose it, it finds's a vicious game of hide and seek. But I think I'm finally winning! Well let's be honest, I've already won. I've taken control of my health and my life. So yeah I consider that winning!

I'm not worried about the hide and seek game with the 5 pounds. I know what I need to do to keep losing but I feel like I've busted my ass to get to this point and I'm enjoying, indulging a little bit, not sticking to my workout/running schedule. But now with November beginning and all this past month of fun and no structure. I actually want to eat healthy. I want my exercise and running schedule. I want to see what else is in store for me.


That means GOAL TIME!!!

November 2013 Goals:
1. To reach 200 pounds gone...if not in November then by the end of the year.

2. To continue training for my half marathon. Keeping up with that schedule.

3. Eating/cooking healthier meals for Brent and I.

4. Get my 5K (that's 3.1 miles) to 35 minutes.

5. Just continue to enjoy what I've accomplished and enjoying this new lease on life.

What are your goals for November or the rest of the year?