Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - 9/4/2013

Last Week 8/28/2013 - 196
This Week 9/4/2013 - 194

Yup. I lost 2 pounds again. This seems to be a trend but I'm not complaining...I'm still losing.
All during the week the scale didn't move...Brent forgot to hide it from me. We got busy and just plain forgot. Of course I was getting aggregated, but that scale issue is going get fixed here shortly. I'm participating in a "eff the scale" challenge, that my WLS friend, Sammy, is putting on. There is no prize just the idea of not being controlled by the scale.
Which is a fine line to walk. It's a love/hate relationship but I want to focus on the other aspects that this surgery and losing all this weight has done for my life. Because those are far better than seeing the number on the scale. Although seeing the number on the scale going down is a great feeling, it's not everything. This process has many, many, many other aspects to judge one's progress by.
Like for me, I notice my endurance is so much better. I go harder in my classes and on runs. I'm getting stronger, I can lift a little bit more weigh in Bodypump. I'm getting more flexibility in Bodyflow (the yoga class), and in Bodystep and Bodycombat, I can make it through the whole class without the feeling I'm going to die. Don't get me wrong...I'm sore as hell and can't move but I'm not crawling out of the gym. I'm more like baby walking out. :)
Speaking of Pump, I'm seeing muscles come out of no where. My shoulders are looking incredible if I may say so myself.

I'm really enjoying this lifestyle I've chosen for myself. I'm so much happier, I'm finally feeling like I'm who really suppose to be, I'm becoming the person, psychically, who I see in my head, and I'm just all around a better person because I'm so much happier with myself. Which makes life all that sweeter.

I mean a year ago I didn't know what I was getting myself into and I liked myself but a year later...I can honestly I LOVE myself. I love where I'm going and I love life. And I really love "unhealthy Lydia" also and to be able to say that means more than anything in the world. Because she is me and I am her...just upgraded! :)

And I have my 1 year from surgery coming up next Thursday!! I can't believe it's been a year! And you know there will be a blog next week along with my last weigh in blog until the end of September...because of the "eff the scale" challenge!
See you next week! :)

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