Sunday, September 1, 2013

September...Already?!?!'s September 1st...already! I can't believe it's September...where the hell did August go?

Anyways I'm taking a cue from my girl Jodi, over at The 13.1 Miles to Disney, and doing a recap of August and setting goals for September.

August 2013 was a good month, nothing to exciting. Just reached a personal goal of mine, which was reaching/staying under 200 pounds. And I've been successful at that.

It was my first real month of actually not doing anything but being a housewifey and gym unicorn. Yeah...I said Gym Unicorn! Gym rat just sounds dirty and gross to me!! And let's be honest, I'm more of a unicorn. :)
I've been attended all these AWESOME gym classes. And I've loved every single one. I actually think I prefer them to Zumba...which again we all know I LOVE Zumba!
But my new favorite one is BodyCombat, created by Les Mills. It's just a good ole sweaty, down and dirty, ass kick boxing class. And I feel sooooo good when I leave. I feel like I should start looking for things or people to fight just to try some of the moves! LOL! This class has me closing all the doors in the house by kicking them to gain strength and stability.
Which is another thing these classes are teaching me, because I notice my right side of my body is extremely coordinated (for me at least) and it's my dominating side. But my left side, yeah...not. so. much.
It's the redneck, backwards hick, not really sure it's related to the right side. It's strong, only if I need to use it. But normally it's just doing whatever it wants.
I'm tripping over myself when moves involve my left side. I'm stumbling. I'm half a step behind in BodyStep. I'm having to really focus on getting it to lift the weights in BodyPump. And we're not even talking about BodyFlow (which is a yoga class) because I'm just a hot, uncooranated, ADHD mess in there anyways. But we have to do the poses that focus on the left side, I seriously should just stay on the floor or leave. But I love it soooo much because I feel really calm, centered and free afterwards!

Here Are My Favorite Classes:
1. BodyCombat
2. BodyStep
3. Zumba
4. BodyFlow
5. Water Zumba
6. BodyPump
7. Barre 

That's August in a nutshell.

Goals for September 2013:
1. Get to 188 pounds weight wise by September 12, 2013. I'm FINALLY ready to get there. At that point, I will literally weigh half of what I use to. I'm really striving for that. So fingers crossed!

2. Stay away from starchy carbs and some slider foods. Holly, over at 300 Pounds Down, describes slider foods super simple! Plus she's fabulous and has lost an amazing 240 lbs, so far! She had VSG! Check her out! 

3. Continue my 5 day a week, 2 hour each gym sessions! 

4. Continue to detach myself from the scale. That one is getting easier and easier but there are still days when I FEEL like I need to weigh in before Wednesday. But the scale is going to be fickle because of the BodyPump I've added in. But I figure as long as I keep seeing inches go and muscle building than I'll be okay with it. I say that now but I am a female and I'm allowed to change my mind! 

And I think that's all I have for Spetmeber so let's see what this month brings!! 



  1. It sounds like August was a great month - you hit an awesome goal, and you have some attainable goals for September. We have similar weight loss goals for September so we need to keep each other accountable! Oh, and thanks for the shout out! =)

  2. Thanks Jodi! Hey no problem about the shout out! :) And let's keep each other in check! :)