Monday, September 16, 2013

Former Deadly Obese Woman

to a Half Marathoner?

Why yes...yes I am!

I always wanted to do a marathon of some sort. But never thought that it was possible because I wasn't a "runner". But since surgery, my view of things have changed and everything that I once knew, about me and life, has been turned upside down and I love it!

So my dream of being a marathoner came to life yesterday. I got an email from, a website that has all the races that I sign up for, sent a list local races around the Low Country area. I scrolled through them and found the Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon. It's located in Bluffton, SC. It's a beautiful resort, kind of like Kiawah down here. It's a scenic half and I figure if I were going to die than I think there would be a beautiful place to go!

I plan on registering for this race later this week. But what made me finally jump. It was a combination of things. Such as Jodi, over at 13.1 Miles to Disney , training for her Disney half! My runner friend, Allison, signing up for her first half. The fact I feel like I need something focus on. I kind of feel all over the place with my thoughts and this would help focus my mind of something. Seeing how the ADD is in full effect...lately. And poor Brent asked what was on my mind yesterday and I just word vomited all over him. Oh he sure puts up with a lot! LOL! So those are just some of the factors that made me say "What the hell! Let's do this!".

As I begin to research for a training schedule, nutrition, gear, and how to begin. It became clear there was nothing out there for people like me. There was nothing for people who has gastric bypass surgery. There was one or two things but nothing concrete, nothing but vague "maybe you should try this" or "this might work". Because all the other marathon training stuff said for long distance runners eat carbs carbs and carbs will keep your fueled and going. My immediate thought was I can't do carbs, I'll fall asleep on the trail. Like pass out because of my food sleeping coma. So what am I going to do to stay fueled? Then the other was hydration! Well duh...that's a no brainer but again Franktummy can only hold so much of anything. So I'm going to have to invest in one of those water back pack things. Because I can't be carrying water bottles, I need my hands free to clinch together and wonder why I'm doing this.
Then all this brought on an idea!
The light bulb went off! I will put my process out there of training and eating for a half from the point of view of a gastric bypass person.
One thing I did get from the several of the sites were a list of good carbs, such a bananas, apples...etc. And then they said pair with a protein. So I came up with banana or apple with protein. We'll see how that works. Again this is all an experiment...some things will work and some won't. I hope y'all stay tune as I take on my first half marathon! Oh! I feel this should be an interesting ride! LOL!

Also another thing I found was it looks like most schedules have 2 rest days. So I'm going to make mine Sunday and Wednesday. And then the rest of the days look like 3-4 miles during the week and then a 6-8 mile on the last day of the week. Then gradually build up to 13.1 miles. Some are 12 weeks and some are longer. I've also looked into apps and I'm a little leery about those because I've tried so many 5K ones and have hated them all. So I think I'm just going to stick with my Nike app and go from there. My goal for the end of the year is to be running most of my miles and maybe be up to 13.1 miles...maybe not running all of them but I need to build my body up to walking/jogging/running all those miles. Then once I can do that beginning of the year I work on chipping time off of my miles and in March 9, 2014, I'll be kicking ass at my first marathon!

I'm going to TRY to do a daily blog about my runs to keep me honest and track of my miles and how I feel and what worked before the work out and after fuel wise. And then of course my weekly weigh in and whatever else comes in my head! So stay tuned!



  1. Try dates if they are a tummy friendly food for you. They are super portable. Easy to eat on a long run. Already sugar for fuel- no conversion needed so your body won't waste energy in the digestion process, and they have less fiber than an apple (which is kind of something you want to watch for the long runs too, if you get my drift). And yes hydration is important for running but you should already be hydrated before you start (from the day before) and you really don't want to drink too much water at once during (another bathroom issue) so stick to drinking a few ounces at a time as needed. I have complete faith that you can make this work for you :) Good luck!!!

  2. I invested in one of those Fuel Belts that holds (6) 9-oz water bottles; I typically fill 4 w/water, 1 w/Gatorade, 1 w/Body Balance!
    I'm getting ready to "get back on that horse" & train for local half in Dec to see if my flat feet hold up (I've done 5 half-marathons but my metatarsal arches were completely breaking down 2 yrs ago)...

    Congrats & best wishes!