Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - 8/28/2013

Last Week 8/21/2013 - 195.4
This Week 8/28/2013- 196

Yup I gained .6 ounces. I was a lot a bit irked yesterday and turned to food for comfort because old habits die hard and it was comfort and instinct. Which means I didn't go to the gym which means I haven't been to the gym or done some form of psychical activity for 3 days. Tuesday was because I could barely move for BodyPump and Wednesday because I was out helping Brent work, so he could get off early and we could spend time together. And yesterday, Thursday, I was having a self loathing pity party and I recently came to a conclusion about life and people.

But needless to I've shaken those gain feeling and got to the real source of why I was feeling BLAH and turned to food to soothe my soul...or numb my soul.

I'm back in full force today. I'm doing my usually 2 hours, I'm doing BodyCombat which will have me literally fighting the feelings out and taking some of the aggression out. Then I'm going to do BodyFlow, which is the Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates concoction Les Mills created. He's an evil genius and I love him. He has created work outs that challenge me and don't make me hate them. YAY!!! So yeah that's my week scale wise.

See you next week! Xoxo! :)

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  1. Eating your feelings is such a hard habit to break. I'm still working on that one too. Just remember how much you've accomplished already and that those 6 ounces are so little in the scheme of things. Great job rocking it out in the gym today. I saw your Instagram after work out picture. =)