Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - 8/21/2013

8-14-2013 - 197.4
Today 8-21-2013 - 195.4

Another 2 lbs so I'm pleased, of course. It was a relatively low key week.

I decided to try this meal prepping thing and I must say it made my day super easy. I was nice to come home and just throw the meal in the oven. So it was an awesome feeling not fretting about what to prepare for dinner. So bonus...I think that's something that'll be a regular thing.
And I've found this awesome blogger, Eggface!! She's awesome! She had surgery back in 2006 and has done incredible and looks amazing!! So I'm coming up with a menu to use some of her meals and a lot of them look hubby approved as well!! For instance, she has a recipe for Egg Foo Young Bites, and hubby looooves egg foo young! So I can't wait to try her recipes. And she's funny!

Sunday, 8-18-13, Frankentummy made me so sick! I've felt that horrible...EVER! However looking back I think it was my always. LOL! For some reason when I turned 30 all of a sudden I really started to enjoy some coffee. But that day I became a little TOO gluttonous and over did the coffee. To the point I had a headache all. day. long! My stomach was so screwed up and gargling all. day. long and just in so much pain. Oh it was bad! So bad. But usually the next day I feel better...but not this time. Monday came around and I felt better but not 100% and I really didn't feel 100% until Tuesday afternoon! It was crazy! So I realized that I need to relax on the caffeine. I have and I have felt mucho mucho better!! Think I'm going to try Syntrax protein coffee stuff...basically to kill two birds with one stone. I get my protein and get the coffee fix! Consider that a win in my book! :)

But other than Frankentummy's revolt the week was pretty slow. Welp I'll see y'all next week!! :)


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  1. I add my protein powder to my morning coffee = usually chocolate and usually iced, but I also add it to hot coffee. It is delicious.