Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - 8/14/2013

Well another week has come and gone. So it's time to see what the magical scale has to say.

8/7/13 - 199.4
8/14/13 - 197.4

All you math wizards out there that's 2 pounds. I'm so not mad because I look at my grand total which is 179.6! Almost to 180 pounds gone!! I wanted to hit that by my 11 months surgery anniversary but I'll take being .4 ounces away from it. Plus I think I'm going to the part of the program where my body is becoming use to losing weight, so my losses aren't going to be huge but I'm thinking the inches will be huge. Because I FINALLY took my measurements. Since 7/11/13 I've lost a total of 9 inches!! I lost a total of 7 just from my waist and hips! So I'm super stoked!!

But for the week nothing crazy went on. Just doing my gym thing and my housewifey duties.
Food got a little to snacky and carb happy but I just need to go grocery shopping. We've been eating in a lot which really does help. And it's cheaper...considering I put us on a spending restriction... OH! The joys of being responsible! LOL!

Nothing really to report about...I'm not being a hormonal bitch anymore...thank goodness! But I did eat like a hungry hungry hippo Tuesday, and I usually do the day before my body starts punishing me for not getting pregnant. So I knew that was coming.

One thing I have noticed since losing an ass load of weight, pertaining to a certain of the month. My periods aren't long at all...I'm done in about 3 days and they aren't heavy either. So bonus! And they're a regular feature every month verses maybe 3 or 4 times a YEAR and they would be sooooooo heavy! So YAY!! I guess that means everything working right! :)

Brent has hidden the scale now, so I shall not be weighing myself everyday. Which is a good thing because as mentioned before I think I was getting to obsessed! So now I just focus on the work because I know it'll come off. And I have other ways of measuring! Like my endurance and strength which both have changed in just a month! I feel myself getting stronger and lasting longer at the gym. I do certain exercises in my Barre class and I don't have to stop as much.

And during Zumba and Body Step I'm going harder. Body step still confuses the hell out of me and I honestly wanted to leave class early Monday. Only because I was getting frustrated and I wanted to jump and fly all around the board like everyone else but I couldn't!! :(  Because I was tripping over my feet and the board! I swear this class is going to kill me but I love it so much! It's the just the right amount of challenge I need. Gina will do some basic stuff and I'll get it down and start feeling confident; then all of a sudden she'll throw some crazy shit out and I'm tripping over my feet or the board. LOL! But it's honestly a great time and if you have the chance check them both out.

Friday I'm going to try Body Flow...which is a combo Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. It's by that same crazy bastard who came up with Body Step. Les Mills. Along with Body Flow, I'm adding Body Combat this week because I missed it last week. So I'm excited for another 2 hour work out session! Because it's what I do!

Since I've been doing all this cardio and muscle work out things, I've noticed some muscle definition popping out of my arms. I have the out line of abs going on, and my thighs have some sexy sleekness going on! So I'm quite pleased! And I would post a picture but you need tickets to THIS gun show! ;) HA!

That's all I have about the week and weighing in! See y'all next week! Xoxo

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