Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm The Greatest!

I am the greatest! I should have written this blog last week but it was such a crazy week, with it being my birthday and being out of town!

But I am proud to say I reached my birthday goal of being under 200 lbs! I reached it on July 27, 2013!!! It was kind of a surreal moment. I'm honestly still in shock. I'm sure I did what everyone does, that has been super overweight, I stepped on and off the scale 5 or 6 times. I texted Brent, my mom, his family, and my BFFs. And asked does that says what I think it says! And of course everyone was super excited! I was super excited but I couldn't/still can't process my mind around that number. For so long it just seemed like a dream...like something I really, really, really wanted and yearned for but didn't think I would actually achieve it. Well I did and baby I'm proud to say I weighed in at 199.7! Considering a year ago I was tipping the scales at 377, I am FREAKING proud of what I'm accomplished and what I have left to accomplish!

Well unfortuneately with my niece's birthday, my week long celebration of my birthday and just being plain out of my routine...I gained a couple pounds and went up to 201! Seriously?!?! Scale Gods you are cruel, cruel beings. And SERIOUSLY to me! Because I looked back at my journal of my foods; that I keep on myfitnesspal, the name is lydiajohnston611 add me! I don't really do any deep thinking over there it's more for keeping me honest and straight with my food!

As I was saying my food choices got OOC...out of control...and I didn't exercise...nothing. And then over the weekend and even once on Monday, I apparently forgot I had surgery and I slipped back into a gastric bypass no no! I ate and drank with at least one meal or snack. Which is a bad, bad, bad thing! From what I've read and have been told eventually it'll stretch your stomach back out...slowly of course. And yeah I nipped that in the bud real quick. It wasn't anything real crazy...I just didn't wait my full 30 minutes before I ate/drank something. So needless that problem along with food and gym issue have been corrected.

I cooked for the first time yesterday, in a long time. We have fish and it was yummy. And I went to the gym and took 2 classes. I did my Barre class...which I love but I don't LOVE!! If you know what I mean. I really like it and can feel everything moving and burning and I like that but if I miss a class I won't be upset...kind of thing. But I tried a new class called Body Step. It's a step class on steroids and speed! It's soooo much fun and I LOVE that one! I think it could compete with Zumba as my favorite and y'all know I LOOOOOOVE Zumba!! But I'll write a blog about that experience next. So I got my sweat on and loved it. Began the day with a light gray shirt and left with a dark grey shirt...everything was drenched!!! And I know for a fact I would not have made it through 10 minutes of Body Step or Barre last year, let alone 2 hours of an ass kicking!! LOL!

So that is that! Xoxo

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  1. You are a rock star! Seeing a 1 in front of your weight is the best feeling ever. Keep it up!