Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Body Step and Body Combat

Now I don't know who or what Les Mills is but I can tell you that he is part genius and part fat murder. However, I do know he is the creator of Body Step, Body Combat, Body Pump, and Body something else I think. And I haven't tried the other 3 but I can already tell you I LOVE Body Step and I'm going to try Body Combat on Friday.
I added a video of Body Step just to show y'all what I did! Thank you Youtube for the video.
That's just a minute or so but imagine 55 minutes of it! It's intense and I love it!! Gina, the instructor, is amazing! She saw I was struggling and all over the place. So she showed the "room"...i.e. me...the modified version! LOL! Even with the modified steps I was still all over the place! And I thought I had some sort of coordination but that was a different kind of coordination! And then the whole time I was wondering how they stay on the boards. And thankfully I was in the back on the room in the corner because I sure as hell was all over the place. I was tripping over my feet, my arms were flailing around like I was having some sort of seizure. It was the greatest, funniest, and quite the most entertaining thing! And I'm doing it again and again because it's so much fun!  Yeah I looked like a hot mess but this hot mess was sweating like a mad woman! So I can't wait to do it again! 
And Gina again is just amazing! I went up after class to thank her for modifying the moves and she said no problem. And she asked if this was my first time. And I told her yes and I really enjoyed it. She then said are you serious? This was your first time. You're above the average for beginners, normally I give people 5-6 weeks to catch on but you'll get there much sooner! You did great. And she went on to tell me about her first time taking step and she said he was all over the place and had fallen several times. While we were talking she told me about a Body Combat class she teaches. It sounds like a great class. It seems like a kickboxing class on steroids!

Here is the a video from Youtube.
Again that's just a minute of it and I'm sure I'll be dead after an 55 minutes but I'll report back and let you know what I think!
So that's my latest fitness excursion! And don't forget to tune into tomorrow for the weekly weigh in! Well it'll be weekly now that I have a routine! lol!

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