Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

Well I know it's not Wednesday BUT I've done more post this past 2 weeks than I did he past 6 months. So there! :oP Lol

Anyways on to the weekly weigh in. I gained like 1 pound. Honestly the gains still do get on my nerves like before but I'm not sweating them as much. I think "Damn, I've like 160-something pounds. I'll be okay with a pound here and there. It's a natural part of the process." Don't get me wrong shit still pisses me off but I don't dwell on it like before. I don't sabotage myself and think of I freaked gained and to hell with this shit! NO...well maybe for a moment but then "Healthy Lydia" chimes and says "STFU" That's Shut The F**k Up...for all of those who aren't update to date on texting acronyms.

The reason for this gain is because honestly I wasn't eating right, making poor food choices, and not exercising. Eating to many carbs. *gasp* A weight loss surgery patient can eat carbs...why yes I can. I actually CAN eat pretty "normal" BUT the difference is I don't on a normal bases. I eat about 90% percent like I'm suppose to and the 10% is not necessarily "bad stuff" but it's not the best choices for me either. Because my body sure does let me know. I don't throw up...which is an extreme form of dumping. According to what I've researched and have been told by my team is that the more common side effects of "dumping" is nausea, cold sweats, rapid heartbeat, clamminess...which are the ones I get but I get the added bonus of coma sleeping...I call it. Completely random...or maybe not. But the best way to describe it is that I guess my body just shuts down and I literally go to sleep or feel extremely tired and want to (depending on where I'm at). Thankfully I realized this I said only took about 10 months! I guess better late than never but it's nice to know that I do have a form of dumping.  As random as it is...but I guess it's not random for me and Frankentummy. lol

So the recap: This week 7/1/13 I'm seating at 209 lb from 377 lbs back on 9/12/12. Thanks 168 pounds gone and I'm still on track with my birthday goal of being under 200 lbs. So keep on trucking and eating right and exercising like a that I have all this free time! lol :)


PS - Next week I won't have a weigh in blog because I'll be at my family reunion and not worrying about the scale! ;) But there will be one this Wednesday. 7/10/13

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