Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Weigh In 7/12/13

I know it's not Wednesday the days get away from that I'm not working! LOL!

But today is a special day! It's my 10 month Surgery Anniversary!! So HAPPY 10 MONTH SURGERY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!! I can't believe it's only been 10 months, I feel like it's been longer...considering how much I've lost but I've worked my ass off to get that much off!

So drum roll please. *drum roll* As of today, 7/12/13, I weighed in at 205 lbs!!! For a total of, brace yourself, 1-7-2 pounds gone!! BAM! I'm still on track for my birthday goal of being under 200 lbs by far and I hit my 10 month goal of being at 170 lbs gone. So I couldn't be any happier with how things have gone, so far. I think when I go back for my year check up, Dr. Pullat's mind will be blown! Hell his whole staff's mind will be blown...because I know my mind is. And I'm pretty sure y'alls are also.

Nothing exciting food wise happened. Since I've not been working, I've been really focused on us eating at home, which has helped. I also wrote out my workout schedule and I'll be starting that next week when I'm at the Kemper Klan reunion. I've found a couple Zumba classes at the Parks and Rec center along with a couple nice runs on the beach...who doesn't like that idea! :)

Along with my wonderful shipment of super yummy Syntrax protein, to combat all the food centered get togethers. Not to say I'm not going to enjoy myself but I don't want the focus of my time on food and what I can and can't eat. And I don't want my family to worry about that mess either. So to my family members that read this...Cook what you want or what's easiest, I'll be fine and I'll have it under control! :)  But thank you for the concern.

But when I get back I'll be starting to explore other classes my gym offers. Like Body Pump, which is a weight resistance class with "light" weights and a lot repetitions with those weights. So I'm hoping that will work on some of the badges of honor I'm carrying around. The second class I'm excited to try is a Barre class. This class is a mix of ballet barre techniques, Pilates, and yoga. The description says it focuses on the glutes, thighs, and lower tummy. So we'll see how that goes. Then my Zumba classes of course. I'm taking a couple Water Zumba classes and regular ones.

So all and all it was relatively normal week that is my life now.
7/5/13 - 209
7/12/13 - 205
And 4 lbs is a small week for me but I think that'll start happening but who knows. I've kind of given of trying to figure out my body losses. I'm just going along with it. LOL! Until the week after next! Again I probably won't post next week...but if I can't get on the beach and get some color on my skin than I might just! lol

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