Monday, July 22, 2013

Operation: Tighten Ass

Gluteus. Ass. Butt. Buttocks. Bottom. Junk in the Trunk. Rump. Money maker. Or whatever you call it these days. Since shedding a bajillion pounds, a couple things have gone missing. My boobs and my ass has deflated.

Sorry to the male population that reads can's going to be super boring and girl stuff. But I did say boobs and you might intrigued. Who knows. :)

As y'all know last week was my family reunion, Kemper Klan reunion 2013. It was great to see everyone! And now I have Facebook and hopefully have most of y'all...I'll remember y'all for the 2018 one! :D

But while I was down at the beach...with the sunshine...which was completely different what the Charleston weather has been doing...RAINING!! I left it raining and came back to it raining. Seriously!?

Anyways what does one who has had Gastric Bypass surgery do on vacation? Shop, beach it up, and run a couple 5Ks. Isn't that what a normal person does?! And one of my shopping adventures I decided to go into Victoria's Secret...just for shits and giggles. Just to see how far I'm off from getting into one of those bras, that I've always wanted to wear. I went in and was instantly overwhelmed and started to get a slight case of anxiety. I started to doubt myself about getting into one of these coveted bras. So a saleswoman asked if I needed help. And I chuckled and said yes please! I lost a little bit of weight and the girls need help. She was really sweet and helpful and measured me. She said let's see what we have here. Looks like you're a 38D or 38C.

And this was pretty much my reaction! Courtesy of Tumblr.

I asked you said 38? She was like yeah. I said holy crap and awkwardly laughed. And she said let's get you in a dressing room and some bras and see what works.

So we picked out some cute, some sexy, and a whole bunch of non granny bras! So I decided on a couple cute t-shirt bras. And the girls are pretty happy. I can't believe I lived for so long without knowing that bras can be comfortable! Who knew!? I really feels like I'm not wearing one.

Here is a mind blowing stat for you! I was wearing a 46DDD/48D, now I'm wearing a 38D. What. The. Hell! Awesome.

With this knowledge I went to Old Navy and got a couple of compression sports bra and they really keep the girls in line!! This is the greatest thing ever! And their compression capris are awesome also...just FYI!

Well I was writing this blog about my Barre Fitness experience. Which was INCREDIBLE!! I loved it. I'm going back for more. I didn't do as well as I thought I would do but I did it! I completed the hour and I know I'm only going to get we all have to start some where...right!? So I'll try a month of Barre Fitness and take before/after pictures and see what kind of difference I'll have. I also took my we can judge by that way also! Hence when I talk about'll be called Operation: Tighten Ass! :)

I can't express how much a crazy insane process this is! But I love it each and everyday! I'm loving myself and my body more and more. I know for a fact a year ago, I would have never made it through that class! But I did and I'm sore and loving it! Team can't feel anything!

Well that's all you get right now! Off to go get into trouble!



  1. Pensacola got their first barre studio last month. I am like 5 weeks into classes and my ass is not only tighter, it moved. It's lifted. It's amazing. My arms are getting tighter too. My belly, well still flabby but there is some definition and I can feel the muscles under there. It's amazing. I love barre. Glad you enjoyed it too.

    1. I love reading this comment Dacia!! It makes me feel like the pain and not being able to move is worth it! And it can't wait to see how things shape up and move around! I look a before picture and I'm going to take another one in a month to see how thing shifted around!

  2. Yay for pretty bras! VS bras and cute undies were one of my first purchases when my girls and booty got smaller. I've really been wanting to try barre classes (with Dacia!) and need to finally commit to doing it.

    1. LOL! I love pretty bras! And I think that store might be bad for our wallets! LOL! And you should try Barre! It's tough but boy is it great!! :)