Monday, July 22, 2013

Operation: Tighten Ass

Gluteus. Ass. Butt. Buttocks. Bottom. Junk in the Trunk. Rump. Money maker. Or whatever you call it these days. Since shedding a bajillion pounds, a couple things have gone missing. My boobs and my ass has deflated.

Sorry to the male population that reads can's going to be super boring and girl stuff. But I did say boobs and you might intrigued. Who knows. :)

As y'all know last week was my family reunion, Kemper Klan reunion 2013. It was great to see everyone! And now I have Facebook and hopefully have most of y'all...I'll remember y'all for the 2018 one! :D

But while I was down at the beach...with the sunshine...which was completely different what the Charleston weather has been doing...RAINING!! I left it raining and came back to it raining. Seriously!?

Anyways what does one who has had Gastric Bypass surgery do on vacation? Shop, beach it up, and run a couple 5Ks. Isn't that what a normal person does?! And one of my shopping adventures I decided to go into Victoria's Secret...just for shits and giggles. Just to see how far I'm off from getting into one of those bras, that I've always wanted to wear. I went in and was instantly overwhelmed and started to get a slight case of anxiety. I started to doubt myself about getting into one of these coveted bras. So a saleswoman asked if I needed help. And I chuckled and said yes please! I lost a little bit of weight and the girls need help. She was really sweet and helpful and measured me. She said let's see what we have here. Looks like you're a 38D or 38C.

And this was pretty much my reaction! Courtesy of Tumblr.

I asked you said 38? She was like yeah. I said holy crap and awkwardly laughed. And she said let's get you in a dressing room and some bras and see what works.

So we picked out some cute, some sexy, and a whole bunch of non granny bras! So I decided on a couple cute t-shirt bras. And the girls are pretty happy. I can't believe I lived for so long without knowing that bras can be comfortable! Who knew!? I really feels like I'm not wearing one.

Here is a mind blowing stat for you! I was wearing a 46DDD/48D, now I'm wearing a 38D. What. The. Hell! Awesome.

With this knowledge I went to Old Navy and got a couple of compression sports bra and they really keep the girls in line!! This is the greatest thing ever! And their compression capris are awesome also...just FYI!

Well I was writing this blog about my Barre Fitness experience. Which was INCREDIBLE!! I loved it. I'm going back for more. I didn't do as well as I thought I would do but I did it! I completed the hour and I know I'm only going to get we all have to start some where...right!? So I'll try a month of Barre Fitness and take before/after pictures and see what kind of difference I'll have. I also took my we can judge by that way also! Hence when I talk about'll be called Operation: Tighten Ass! :)

I can't express how much a crazy insane process this is! But I love it each and everyday! I'm loving myself and my body more and more. I know for a fact a year ago, I would have never made it through that class! But I did and I'm sore and loving it! Team can't feel anything!

Well that's all you get right now! Off to go get into trouble!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Weigh In 7/12/13

I know it's not Wednesday the days get away from that I'm not working! LOL!

But today is a special day! It's my 10 month Surgery Anniversary!! So HAPPY 10 MONTH SURGERY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!! I can't believe it's only been 10 months, I feel like it's been longer...considering how much I've lost but I've worked my ass off to get that much off!

So drum roll please. *drum roll* As of today, 7/12/13, I weighed in at 205 lbs!!! For a total of, brace yourself, 1-7-2 pounds gone!! BAM! I'm still on track for my birthday goal of being under 200 lbs by far and I hit my 10 month goal of being at 170 lbs gone. So I couldn't be any happier with how things have gone, so far. I think when I go back for my year check up, Dr. Pullat's mind will be blown! Hell his whole staff's mind will be blown...because I know my mind is. And I'm pretty sure y'alls are also.

Nothing exciting food wise happened. Since I've not been working, I've been really focused on us eating at home, which has helped. I also wrote out my workout schedule and I'll be starting that next week when I'm at the Kemper Klan reunion. I've found a couple Zumba classes at the Parks and Rec center along with a couple nice runs on the beach...who doesn't like that idea! :)

Along with my wonderful shipment of super yummy Syntrax protein, to combat all the food centered get togethers. Not to say I'm not going to enjoy myself but I don't want the focus of my time on food and what I can and can't eat. And I don't want my family to worry about that mess either. So to my family members that read this...Cook what you want or what's easiest, I'll be fine and I'll have it under control! :)  But thank you for the concern.

But when I get back I'll be starting to explore other classes my gym offers. Like Body Pump, which is a weight resistance class with "light" weights and a lot repetitions with those weights. So I'm hoping that will work on some of the badges of honor I'm carrying around. The second class I'm excited to try is a Barre class. This class is a mix of ballet barre techniques, Pilates, and yoga. The description says it focuses on the glutes, thighs, and lower tummy. So we'll see how that goes. Then my Zumba classes of course. I'm taking a couple Water Zumba classes and regular ones.

So all and all it was relatively normal week that is my life now.
7/5/13 - 209
7/12/13 - 205
And 4 lbs is a small week for me but I think that'll start happening but who knows. I've kind of given of trying to figure out my body losses. I'm just going along with it. LOL! Until the week after next! Again I probably won't post next week...but if I can't get on the beach and get some color on my skin than I might just! lol

Monday, July 8, 2013

Relationship or RelationSHIT

Since I'm revamping my blog, I've decided to do a matching Facebook "like" page.

If you haven't liked it, for shame! Here's the address to "like" it: The Best Facebook Page...EVER!

I asked my readers what they would be interested in reading. Because that's what gets y'all to come back and basically I don't know if y'all like reading the randomness I type or if y'all actually what something with substance. Lol So here goes. I'll write one of them now and then the other one later this week.

Relationship: as defined by Webster. 1.) the state of being related or interrelated. 2.) the relation connecting or binding in a relationship; as a kinship. 3.) a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealing; a romantic or passionate attachment.

When one of my readers asked me to talk about how my relationship with food has changed, I thought of this eCard.

Because well I do love food. I always have and I always will...I think. But food didn't feel the same way about me. I think in some aspect I was slowly killing myself with food. I would eat the double patty Baconator from Wendy's large with a soda of some sort, large fries, spicy chicken nuggets, and a frosty. And I would eat that all in one sitting. Or I would go to a Hibachi place and eat ALL the plate of food they serve you, the salad, the soup, and sushi. Again in one sitting. I would order Chinese and I eat a large wonton soup,  a large sweet and sour chicken, and crab Rangoon. All in one sitting.
See I love food but it was a one sided relationship most of my life. Until I finally had enough and decided that I wasn't going to stand for that anymore and take my life and health back. So, of course we all know I had surgery on 9/12/12 and have been taking my life back one pound at a time.

Almost 10 months later food hasn't changed but I have. I look at food now as a way to fuel my a car. I *try* not to eat what I "feel" like my body wants. I try to eat more what it needs to keep my going through the day. Which is protein, veggies, fruits, vitamins, and water. Basically I try to listen to my stomach more than my brain...because my brain still tells me it wants a double patty Baconator but I know and my stomach knows that I would be in my coma sleep and hating myself.
I still have those cravings but I try not to cave into them or I find a healthier substitute. And as I've said before they did surgery on my stomach not my brain. And I say try because I am human and I do have those cravings and sometimes I do cave into them. But this is a whole learning process. I'm retraining myself on how to eat. And Frankentummy is my tool I chose to help and he has been great...but he also has been a pain in the ass but he's mine and I wouldn't trade this process for anything.

And I've eaten Chinese since surgery but can only eat 3-5 PIECES (depending on the size of the chicken pieces) of a small sweet and sour chicken. No rice or other extras. But on the rare occasion we do have Chinese I usually get the chicken and veggies, with the sauce on the side and barely make a dent in that. I've also eaten Hibachi since surgery and maybe have a half cup of mostly meat and veggies but I've tried a full fork of rice. Now my portions have changed but I don't eat like this everyday, all week long anymore. The last time I had Chinese was Friday but before that was several months ago. And I had hibachi last night but before then the last time I had it was December maybe. Where as before both of those meals and the fast food were an all week thing. Now I rarely eat them because I don't like how they make me feel.

As mentioned before the hardest part of this process for me in the mental part. How quickly everything has changed for the blink of an eye. I went from almost 400 lbs to on the brink of under 200 lbs in the span of 10 far. So while Frankentummy and my body are on one page my brain is on another and that takes time to work out. I still struggle with seeing myself at 377 lbs. I still struggle with food. But both of those things are becoming easier and easier as each day passes. Because I, my brain, and Frankentummy all know we won't be any where near 377 lbs again. Come hell or high water I refuse. So if that means not eating sweets, carbs or whatever than so be it. 

I chose to change how I view my relationship with food and you can too! And you don't have to go through surgery to do that. Just take it one meal at a time. And you can and will successful.

Recap: I've changed my view on food as something I need fuel my body and keep me going. I don't think food and I will have a "healthy" (see what I did there...BAAHAHAHA!!!) relationship but we have a relationship that benefits me now! ;)


Weekly Weigh In

Well I know it's not Wednesday BUT I've done more post this past 2 weeks than I did he past 6 months. So there! :oP Lol

Anyways on to the weekly weigh in. I gained like 1 pound. Honestly the gains still do get on my nerves like before but I'm not sweating them as much. I think "Damn, I've like 160-something pounds. I'll be okay with a pound here and there. It's a natural part of the process." Don't get me wrong shit still pisses me off but I don't dwell on it like before. I don't sabotage myself and think of I freaked gained and to hell with this shit! NO...well maybe for a moment but then "Healthy Lydia" chimes and says "STFU" That's Shut The F**k Up...for all of those who aren't update to date on texting acronyms.

The reason for this gain is because honestly I wasn't eating right, making poor food choices, and not exercising. Eating to many carbs. *gasp* A weight loss surgery patient can eat carbs...why yes I can. I actually CAN eat pretty "normal" BUT the difference is I don't on a normal bases. I eat about 90% percent like I'm suppose to and the 10% is not necessarily "bad stuff" but it's not the best choices for me either. Because my body sure does let me know. I don't throw up...which is an extreme form of dumping. According to what I've researched and have been told by my team is that the more common side effects of "dumping" is nausea, cold sweats, rapid heartbeat, clamminess...which are the ones I get but I get the added bonus of coma sleeping...I call it. Completely random...or maybe not. But the best way to describe it is that I guess my body just shuts down and I literally go to sleep or feel extremely tired and want to (depending on where I'm at). Thankfully I realized this I said only took about 10 months! I guess better late than never but it's nice to know that I do have a form of dumping.  As random as it is...but I guess it's not random for me and Frankentummy. lol

So the recap: This week 7/1/13 I'm seating at 209 lb from 377 lbs back on 9/12/12. Thanks 168 pounds gone and I'm still on track with my birthday goal of being under 200 lbs. So keep on trucking and eating right and exercising like a that I have all this free time! lol :)


PS - Next week I won't have a weigh in blog because I'll be at my family reunion and not worrying about the scale! ;) But there will be one this Wednesday. 7/10/13