Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Well more like a 6 month recap BUT it'll be a weekly thing because of my changes coming up.

So weight loss update. Well if you aren't following me on facebook...for shame! But I've updated there. I actually started a facebook "like" page for my blog. So I can easily do small updates there but big huge milestones here. Or if I want what life is like after the surgery is done and you're on your own. Because boy post op is FABULOUS!! I'm loving life again. I don't think I've been this happy in such a long time. As everyone says this surgery is a life changer and boy is it! You've got to be ready for your life get turned upside down! lol In a good way of course!

Blog on facebook is here: and if you have one or a blog! I would love to follow your journey! I'm also on instagram at lmjohnston611 and myfitnesspal at lydiajohnston611. so if you want to follow me at any of those you're more than welcome! just let me know who you are! :)

Now time for How Much Has She Lost So Far! *cheers*

I think the last time I blogged I was at 93 lbs give or take. Well I'm happy to announce that I've lost 168 lbs so far!!! I'm only a mere 10 pounds away from being under 200 pounds. I honestly don't ever remember weighing that little. I'm super excited for this next goal to be smashed. And I'm hoping I can do it before the reunion! So we'll see.

Also another goal I'm trying to wrap my mind around is only 21 pounds away. And that is weighing half of what I use to weigh. Y'all remember I started this process at 377 pounds. So in only 21 pounds I'll weigh 188. I mean I'm super stoked to have a "1" in front of my weight but to be half of what you weighed that's another mind trip in itself. I'm just not ready to process that one. But looks like my body has other ideas! lol

I can't talk enough about how much this whole process has changed my life, my health, and my all around mental state. I knew it was going to be hard going into it but I had to switch from playing the victim of my weight to being kick ass avenger for my health...real quick. For me having surgery and losing this weight happened quick...which is the point. But it's ONLY been 9 and half months since surgery and I've lost 168 pounds. That is a lot of weight real quick. And yes I've worked my ass off to get to this point. And I'm not stopping. But since I've lost the weight so quick my mind still gets stuck in "Unhealthy Lydia". And I'm not going to lie, I fall back into old eating habits. But the tag team of "Healthy Lydia" and Frankentummy quickly pin and kick their old rival out the ring. But "Unhealthy Lydia" is a sneaky one and she comes back...more often than I like to admit. But I'm finally at peace with her and I'm okay to say "No" to her.

And finally coming to peace with who I once was...has been the hardest part. As I will say time and time again. Losing weight is 110% mental and the rest eating right and exercising.
Sure I haven't had any complications, and I'm extremely thankful for that one. But the mental part has been a tough road, paved with blood, sweat, and tears...lots of tears. I've had to wrap my mind around the fact I'm not 377 pounds anymore. Although that's what I see. I've had to go back learn to love "Unhealthy Lydia". I use to call her "Fat Lydia" but to me that felt like I was bullying my old self. And how was I to move forward with my new and healthy outlook on life if I couldn't be nice to my old self. And honestly it was hard to love "Unhealthy Lydia" because I felt gross and disgusted with myself. How could I let myself get to almost 400 pounds? How could I not see I was that big? How come I couldn't loss the weight again? I did it before. Somewhere along the way something clicked and switched gears. I don't know if it's all the weight, I don't know if it was the fact I was actually sticking to it...even with the small gains/stalls here and there, I don't know if it was I was just plan tired of not loving who I was. Because "Unhealthy Lydia" wasn't a bad person by any means. In fact she was quite loved...even at my highest. She was still funny, great personality/sense of humor, and family and friends who loved her no matter what weight she was. But something just clicked and ever since then...I have learned to love who I was, who I am, and I'm loving who I'm turning into. Because although I had passion before about life and's coming out of my pores now. I just had to let go of all the negativity around who "I" thought Lydia was. Because to everyone else I'm still the same goofy, hyper, and loveable dork I was but just healthier. :)

Because in the end I'm still the same old crazy, country (at times), dorkable Lydia. Just I like to work out and eat better now!

So if you're thinking about having surgery or already have had I would LOVE to chat with you and see if you have had this same experience! Plus who doesn't love a good support system.

xoxo - Me

Here is me in le honeymoon 2011 and me June 2013! Bam!


  1. I'm so proud of you! You have come so far and it's really amazing. I'm going to "like" your fb page now so I can stay up to date more often.

  2. Aww thanks Jodi! You're sooo sweet! I love you new blog and facebook blog page!! I love being able to keep up with you that way! :D