Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guess Who's Back?

I'm back bitches! lol

I honestly didn't realize I had not written anything since January at my 3 month check up. For that I am sorry for super long hiatus. But life got in the way and something had to take a backseat...unfortunately it was my blog.

But I won't go into the gory details on what happen during the 6 months. Just the usual spring flower madness and realizing I needed to make some changes with my life. I needed to find my passion again. And well I found it.

Life update the past 6 months. Brent and I celebrated our 2 year of being married. He's such a wonderful, supportive, compassionate, understanding, loving, and patient man. I was truly blessed to have met and married him.  He's truly my best friend and a great husband! Okay *gag* sorry to all my single readers...but it had to be said! :)

What else has happened? OH! I quit my job to pursue what I'm really passionate about. Brent and I crunched numbers and paid everything off and we're fortunate enough to be able to not have me work. I'll be going back to school. This weight loss process has sparked...more like ignited a fire for the health/fitness field. I've decided to go back for certification in personal training at a local college. Then long term I'm going to get at least my bachelor's in nutrition...if not master's depending on what I need. Because I want to work in a hospital's bariatric department as a nutritionist...helping people growing through the process of surgery. As like someone who has been there done that. I'm really excited to see where the road takes us. I'm finally ready to begin my career. I know it'll be hard but it sure as hell be worth it. If losing all this weight has taught me anything...things that are hard are soooo worth it in the end and long run.

Also during this time off my job will be owning the gym and pavement. I'll be making those two things my bitch. I'm planning on working on muscle building now. Maybe twist this fat into something useful!

What else has happened? I'm turning 30 in about a month and I'm the healthiest I've been...ever!

During these months away from blogging...I've been doing Zumba...which I LOVE!!!! So I'm in the process of getting certified to teach that. And I've been running. Who is this? I mean like running. Like it's just me and the pavement and my thoughts. If you told me a year ago I would be running I would have laughed in your face! But it's so true. It's not like miles...yet but it's there. And hey I'm running circles around the person on the couch.

I have my family reunion coming up in July and I'm soooo excited to see everyone, no one has seen me at this ever! So it should be a good week...of pumping my ego up! LMAO!! But I've got a running/exercise schedule already in my head. I've got the foods I'm cooking for when there isn't family dinners. I'm excited to maintain my changes on a "vacation".

So that's my update! Now for a second blog about the weight loss!! :)

xoxo - Me

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