Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Month Check Up! Word!

Well I had my 3 month check up today! And it's been almost 4 months since surgery! Hard to believe as I write this blog.

But first let's start off by saying that I weighed in at 284. So for you math wizards that's 92 lbs!! :D I'm quite happy with the results...of course! I've still been losing but when I weighed myself and posted the blog, I used my mom's scale which means I was prematurely 93 lbs at Christmas time! Lol but I still posted because I knew I would be at 93 in a matter of time! ;) so the doc's weigh in was spot on and I'm officially 93.4 according to my scale!
It's a silly scale superstition I have...and I'm sure we all have it! Lol

But back to my check up! So I'm waiting for Dr. Pullat to come see me and check out it Frankenstein-tummy. HEY! I like that name! Frankentummy is what my tummy shall be called!!! BAAAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways! Let me tell you a bit about Dr. Pullat, my awesome surgeon, he is a VERY VERY serious man! Very smart, very nice and quick to the point! Which I like...get me in and out of my appointments! And the fact I can make him laugh...I give myself mad props! :) so he comes in this morning after I get weighed in and checked in. And he asks me how much I lost! I told him 92 lbs. He said and I quote..."You're doing extremely well!" His face was priceless! He was very very pleased and I think he went into the hallway to brag on me! And I don't think he is the type of person to say that or do that unless he really meant it! So that made me feel good! To hear all that!

Then to add more to this awesome appointment! Geri Johnston, no relation, one of the head nurses for the bariatric program came in and talked with me and just to catch up because we have the same last name and are awesome! She asked how much I lost and I told her 92lbs and she was over the moon excited! So she began to tell me about the support that MUSC offers, which I already have attended one but I had handbells on Tuesday. But I talked with Brent, who runs the group and told him I needed to focus on this process and be with people who have been there done that. So I'm no longer doing bells, instead I'll be attending my support groups. :) YAY!!

I told Geri all this and she then said they were doing something new with the pre-op classes and the support group and have them on the same night so the people who are thinking about the surgery and see and meet the people who have been through the process. And she asked me if I would like to speak about my experience so far with the pre-op people. I was like yes! of course! So I'll be speaking to people who are thinking about having the surgery!! I love it! :) I feels so honored that she thought of me for this! I can't wait to see what happens and I'll keep you guys posted on how I do!

And lastly I can drink through a straw!! I asked Nina, one of the dietitians, she laughed and said I could. She actually said that one an old wives tale for the surgery. She said give a try and if it hurts don't do it and if you're tummy does fine then you have another way of getting your water in. But you're all healed inside and keep doing what you're doing!

OH! Here is another one of my favorite bloggers and fellow WLS gal! HOLLY!!!
She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! She inspires me all day long!! :) Read her story to see why!

And to finish things up, I want to thank all y'all for reading my blog, inspiring me, cheering me on, and your support through this amazingly and insanely wild ride! Thank you for putting with my grammatically challenged blogs and my randomly weird videos. I hope you continue to follow this blog through the new year and beyond!

Until next time! :)