Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's The Final Countdown

First of all I want to thank those who read or attempted to read my Ambien induced blog last time! Kudos to you! Because I'm leaving it the same because I find it HILRIOUS!!!! BAAAHAHHA!

Yes and in all my awesomeness I manage to get a Europe, the band, song title in my blog title. Yes as I said before awesome! :)

So those following this journey. And for those who are not read, No Witty Title.

Again I want to apologize for another blog brought to you by Ambien. So let's see what kind of trouble we can get into. I'm pretty alert right now but who knows as this progress! :)

To get everyone on the same page I have 2 weeks until my life gets even more awesome.

My surgery date is 9/12/12.

And today I had my pre-surgery appointment. I met with the Anesthesiologist aka Doogie Howser.
I seriously wondered if I was older than him! Yeah...Old people problems! :D

Doogie Howser came in towards in end of the game today but before I get ahead of myself, let me take you to the beginning!

I arrive early for my appointment...I'm shocked too!...I get checked in and wait...and wait...and...wait...and wait some more. Of course I swear I waited forever but it really was like 45 mins past my 10 am appointment. Doctor's office...go figure!

As I'm waiting I notice this CA-RAZY chick in a denim dress thing and sunglasses. For the record we were inside. She was staring at me the whole evil creepy look. Then she started to cry...and I was like OMG! Seriously I've been waiting just as long. Then my nurse, in bleach white doctor's coat, comes bursting out of the doors and I was like HEY!! And she told me to stay put. She will fix this! Ummm okay! She said to follow her and I went a registered somewhere else and was sent off through the double doors.

I'm back wondering what the eff I'm doing. And I go to THAT desk to get checked in. I then was called into have my first EKG ever! So the nurse put all these stickies on my body and wires and ran things through a machine and swiggy lines came out of the machine and when asked if my heart looks good she nodded and said yes! I was like sweet! So I've screwed my heart up! Score!

Then I was sent over the blood drawing room. Now I HATE my blood getting sucked out of me. I'll do tattoos all day long BUT blood needles...NO! So I go in and get set up and cringe and she is done. I then go in a consultation room! ooooh fancy pants!  While I'm waiting and hanging out with Brent, in walks my most favorite person during this process Diana! She is the surgeons nurse and she is AWESOME! She is loud, funny, she calls you "Love", heaven forbid you call her "Ma'am"! She is all around awesome!!! And I wish EVERYONE could meet her! She'll make your day.

So she does through the routine questions, have to had this, have you had that, what drugs do you take, how's you activity level...etc etc. I then told her about one of my kidney's rebelling against me!!

OH! Yeah I forgot to mention, I have a small kidney infection. Thanks kidney for rocking an infection TWO WEEKS BEFORE SURGERY!!! You win organ of year!

Long story short I'm on antibiotics, I feel MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO better!! I can move around without feeling like I'm being stabbed in my side! Score!

I asked her is this going to screw with the surgery and she oh no! You're good! The doc in the box gave you 10 days to clear it'll be fine! I said AWESOME! So she asks all her questions and we ask ours, and then she leaves and I see Debbie again! Debbie is one of the dietitians, She is amazing, she just wanted to make sure I have a game plan for when I get home and make sure my food, water, and walking is lined up! And being the type A person I am, I have it all set up!

Then Debbie left me and we met with Geri one of the nurses of the 6th floor. She is awesome and so sweet! She told us somethings to do and wanted to know if we had any questions and what not. We said no and she let and like a million minutes later in walked Doogie Howser.

He is part of the anaesthesia team. He ran through the day of surgery with me, seeing how I'm a surgery virgin! BAAAHAHAHA!

He pretty much said I'm healthy. I'll be going under general anesthesiology. He said he sees no problem with me going or coming out of it. He actually said he's seem bigger patients than me and some that are on a hell of alot of meds! I told him that's why I'm doing it doesn't get to that point! He was happy with my lungs, throat, and breathing. He said I was good to go! :)

Soooo now that just leaves the surgery! I'll write about that one when it happens! :)

until next time! LJ

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