Friday, July 20, 2012


So it's taken a couple days to write this blog mainly because I didn't want to write it. And also work has been slightly busier for me. I'm being trained for a new spot in the store...I'm hoping this will be a good change for me. I'll still be doing floral, but I'll be in this spot one day a week...until I can find a permanent spot for me at that store or another.

On to the meat of the blog...

I went to work on Tuesday to train for my new spot and as I was leaving I got a call from the hospital...

YAY!!!! I thought. Finally they'll tell me I got myself a date with the surgeon and everything is going fabulously according to my plan!

Susan, at the hospital, told me I would be getting a letter saying I was DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls out of my chair* "wonderful" insurance company doesn't see how 370 lbs is worthy of having surgery. Seriously?

But Susan said don't worry. This happens all the time with your insurance company. Apparently my insurance in the bane of every one's existence. And I can see why.

So she wanted to ask me some quick questions for the appeal. Yes...MUSC is appealing. Yes...good news. Susan asked about my 6 month diet last year with my doctor. She asked if I went in March because in the doctor's notes show me going in February and then April to August. That's 6 months but they catch is they have to be 6 months together...consecutively. There's the catch!

She also asked about Brent's the hospital is going to try there also.

BUT DAMN IT! I thought I was a shoe in. I thought I did EVERYTHING they wanted. But alas the other shoe dropped.

Best case scenario, it comes back approved. YAY!!! Surgery is still on!! Whoop whoop!
Worst care scenario, I wait 6 months, do the diet each month back to back, and then have surgery early 2013.

Either way the surgery is going to happen. But damn it!!!

So after I cried to Brent, saying I'm never going to have this happen. This is not going according to my plans. I did this with the whole ugly cry and everything! I was a hot mess!

He told me to skip bells for the night and go to the support group, because I can start going before the surgery. So I went...sort of reluctantly. I walked in there, looked at everyone and instantly became the green eyed monster. All these people have had their surgeries and why can't my stupid mother effin insurance work right. Why do I have to have the retarded insurance company? What is it about me and my stupid backwards dumb effin insurance company, that doesn't see 370 lbs on a 5'4 frame is a health risk?! UMMMM HELLO!?!?! Let's add my high blood pressure. Yeah! Well it was alittle high because I was super nervous at the hospital!

Then Linda walked in and all was right in my world. I was in the right place and the right time. She came in saw my "new" face and came over and just started talking to me. I was sitting and sulking on the back row. This woman has lost 126 pounds and had energy, personality, and I love her! She showed me her before and after pictures. And I got all teary eyed and told her my story and she was like honey it's alright MUSC saved my life and they're fighting for you.

And this other lady...I'll get her name next time...was one row in front of me and she has a weight loss of 210 pounds!!! WHAT! I was floored! She looked amazing! She said MUSC is here for you and they're going to get you approval. They're such wonderful people here, she said.

So yeah I'm sooooo glad I went to the support group, and I can't wait until I go back!

That's the latest on the surgery front and Susan said I should hear something in a shorter time than 4 weeks, with cigna's answer to the appeal. So keep praying and good vibes that this works this time and if not than...I guess my ass is going to make some heads roll! :)

Signing out! Lydia

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  1. I am thinking and praying for you. You have some great supporters and a wonderful hubby in you corner. Hang in there! !!