Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Witty Title

Well let me first start off by saying congrats to my sister and brother in law on the birth of the cutest niece E-V-E-R!!!! Maddie was born 7/26/2012 at 4:47 am. She's my Maddie waddie!!

No drama about my weight loss surgery journey. No my opinion about hating insurance companies...or at least mine. No more eating everything...including the kitchen sink. No more old HORRIBLE eating habits that has crept back into my daily life.

So let me recap the latest installment of this journey.

As y'all know I was denied by my "insurance company"...CIGNA.
But again I'm over it and trying to move on from being rejected and the bruised ego.
I promised no wittiness...sorry.

On Monday I was voluntold by my boss to go to an insurance Q&A.
Thanks Johnny...let's add salt to the wound...

So me and my buddy trekked over to another store to talk about insurance, on a truck day none the less. That's a different rant altogether. We got over to the other HT and I'm there with some of my floral buddies and other HT employees. And in walks Terri, who is HT's benefits lady. She is the go to between HT and Cigna. She sooooooooooooo nice. I think she is wonderful...very helpful...and very informative.

She went on with the Q&A and I went my head...bitching about being there and about being denied for whatever stupid reason. Grumble grumble grumble. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm at an insurance Q&A...why not ask about my denial letter. Man I tell you I'm a GENIUS. But I didn't want other people knowing my business...but I write a blog...not the most sound logic but whatever. Before the meeting was over this lady, that works at another store, started talking about how she got the gastric bypass surgery and dealing with her insurance company at the time. I was like wow seriously...if I wasn't meant to be here. Go figure.

Once the meeting got over with I went up to Terri and told her my sob story...not really...I just gave her straight facts and asked if there was something she could do. She took my info and said she would call me back. So I was like cool, and went back to work.

Didn't think she would actually call me but she did. Unfortunately I didn't pick up because the number she was calling from was "unknown" and I didn't know if it was going to be a creeper on the other line. So she left a message and we began our game of phone tag.

Still haven't heard anything as of today.

But I did get another phone call today.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

And it was MUSC calling me back. I was like yay! Hopefully they have an answer from Cigna about my denial.

Susan said "Lydia, I was just calling to let you know that you've been APPROVED by Blue Cross Blue Shield!!!!" I started crying. Really, Lydia...crying? But I told her thank you thank you thank you!!!! She has made my day! Not only was my cutest niece born today, I got approved. And Susan said I love making these phone calls.

Susan said "Well I won't keep you long since you have to get back to your niece. So we are going to just set up your surgery date and your pre surgery exam." I was like heck yeah! The moment I've been waiting for!! :)

So I have surgery set for September 12, 2012. *Happy dance!!!!*

Then the fun will REALLY begin. Not to say this approval part hasn't been fun! :)

I'm sure those blogs will be insane. I'm ready though. I'm ready to get back and really focus on what I want to get from my life. A good loooooooooong healthy life...with a wonderful hubby and eventually kids.

Until next time.

Oooooh man I've only got like 6 weeks!!! YAY!!!!!

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