Sunday, July 29, 2012

Looking Forward To...

Before I move on to the subject of this blog...if you haven't read the latest one. For shame! But here is the link. Read "No Witty Title" before reading this one. :) K...thanks! :)

"No Witty Title"


As mentioned in the previous blog, I've been APPROVED. The idea is settling in and I'm getting sooo super excited. AAAHHH!! Yay! So these are the last six weeks of me being deadly obese. I understand I'm going to be "obese" for a good while...but not deathly obese. So touche! :)

Then I got to thinking about all the blog possibilities that are going to be going on. Weight loss update blogs, pain blogs, what did I get myself into blogs, and OMG can I really eat JUST that and be full blogs.

And this one might be my favorite blog...I got the idea from my RNY Talk Forum. Someone posted a topic of "What are you looking forward to after the surgery?" And everyone had such awesome things they wanted to do from skydiving...not my cup of tea to just being to shop in a "normal" clothing store. I got the bright idea to blog about mine "Looking forward tos"

I'm Looking Forward To...
I'm looking forward to being under 200 lbs.
I'm looking forward to kicking ass.
I'm looking forward to FINALLY get into my career. I want to be a Zumba and spinning instrutor.
I'm looking forward to going to Disney and being able to ride the rides. Instead of being worried if I would fit.
I'm looking forward to getting my style back. Instead of wearing my infamous gross basketball shorts.
I'm looking forward to not sweating like a damn pig! I sweat soooooo much and I'm jsut standing there. I understand its hot but my sweating is INSANE!
I'm looking forward to spawning the cutest kids this world has seen. :)
I'm looking forward to running and spinning without feeling like I'm going to die or my knee is going to burst!
I'm looking forward to my Buddha belly not getting in the way of me tying my shoes.
I'm look forward to my 30th birthday party next year! :) You best believe I will be sporting one slinky, sexy, and bangable dress. Just saying! :)
I'm looking forward to actually not really having food be the center of my universe. I know it will always before there. I know the surgery/beginning of eating again will be rough but I will actually know when to stop. Hence my issue now.
I'm looking forward to being active again.
I'm looking forward to adding years to my life.
I'm looking forward to dancing again.
I'm looking forward to wearing heels.
I'm looking forward to wearing a bathing suit more comfortibly.
I'm looking forward to passing good healthy habits to our spawns.
I'm looking forward to not getting winded when I go up stairs or just walking from my car to the store.
I'm looking forward to getting back to feeling comfortable in my skin. Instead of wondering how I get here and this isn't my body.
I'm looking forward to wearing my wedding rings again.
I'm looking forward to being super duper happy and proud of myself.
I'm looking forward to not feeling like I'm getting stared at because of my weight.
I'm looking forward to kids not asking their parents if I have a baby in my stomach. True story.
I'm looking forward to sleeping much better and maybe not snoring! *Fingers crossed on that one*
I'm looking forward to wearing clothes from the website. Super Cute Clothes!

So that's just what I can think of right now. I'm sure this list will continue to grow. But don't get this list twisted with the journey I'm about to undertake. I know it will be hard, I know it's surgery, I know these things but for the outcome will be well worth it.

Until next time! :)


  1. Congratulations, that's amazing news. Good luck with the surgery. it will be worth it.

  2. Thanks Less! Thank you for your kind words!! I'll keep you updated on whats going on! :)