Friday, July 13, 2012

Get to Know Lydia

Yes...Hi...I'm Lydia and I'm still alive. :) I know I haven't blogged much but I kind of feel like I'm at place where I have nothing to blog about. So I figured I would do a "Get to Know Lydia" blog until I hear something about my surgery.

Real quick on that front...I'm still pending. But I did however send in Brent's insurance today because that headache finally got straighten out. I must say I love Sara Lee/Bimbo Bakery...they have been way awesome and super helpful during "Insurance Gate 2012".

I asked Lisa, at the hospital, on what's the deal with not hearing anything. And she pretty much said my insurance is the one of the slowest if not the slowest on getting back to the hospital. So my first thought was great I have dumbasses for an insurance company but than I took it back quickly because I don't want to jinx myself and send bad juju. Come on it's Friday the 13th...bad juju is out there. But I do have a sense of calm after that talk. I do honestly have nothing bad to say about the people I've met on the new journey. They rock my face off.

I feel an answer is coming soon...I just need to stay positive and not get so damn impatient! OOOOH why isn't that a virtue of mine! Damn Marshall/Monroe genes! :) Curses. Anyways so please keep sending good vibes and prayers. I feel them and I know Cigna does also! :)

Now on to the "Get to Know Lydia" phase of this blog.

I know most of y'all reading this are family and you can skip ahead or exit now. :)
But for those who I've met on Twitter and RNYtalk, I figured I'd let y'all into my world.


I'm Lydia and I'm probably the biggest dork/nerd you'll ever meet. I'm random at times...most times. I'm super loud and very gregarious. I've been told my laugh is loud and infectious.

Maybe I'll post a video blog with me just laughing and y'all can hear it! BAAAHAHAHAHA!

I'm bubbly, I'm a huge goofball with a wicked sense of humor. I'll laugh at fart jokes or witty sarcastic jokes. I got one for you!

Q - "What does a nosy pepper do?"
A - "Gets Jalapeno Business" 

BAAHHAHAHAHAHA You know you're dying laughing or shaking your head!

I love to dance and can't wait for these pounds to start coming off and freeing me from my cage of fat. I'm a bit on the dramatic side but I totally make up for it with HUMOR!

I love to laugh and make other people laugh at their expense and sometimes mine.

I'm in love with the best guy EVER. So far my favorite roles I'm planning in life right now; are wife and BEST AUNT EVER! I love my wittle Alex and soon to be wittle Maddie.

But Wife is a lovely fit on me...I think. Brent is the best and he totally puts up with my wild and crazy I do his. Let's just say there is never a dull moment...EVER. I love you baby times 3!

And when I write in caps that's how I would say it in real life. I'm super animated.

I love fair food. Funnel cakes are the bomb dot com along with cheeseburgers and fries.

I love music. Right now I'm reliving my teen years with 90s R&B. But I range anywhere from the 50s to Now and everything genre in between.

I really am that awesome. I want kids one because I know I would be one bad ass mom! I would raise my spawn like I was raised. You better be home before street lights come on or you will get beat. Good ole southern old school raising! :)

I'm obsessed with PINK, Vera Bradley, and Hello Kitty. I'm in love with my iPhone. I'm the best mama to my furbabies...I love my Sally Wally and Reesy Peesy!

I'm a florist and just got employee of the 3rd quarter! Again shows my awesomeness!

I'm going to be a writer and my grammar SUCKS! :) But I chalk it up to my charm and personality! :)

I'm so loving the website
That's where I'll be shopping once at goal weight...just like my cool twitter friends! <3

I have the best family and in-laws a girl could ask for! I heard horror stories about crazy in-laws or if my family would be crazy in-laws to Brent. But both families are absolutely amazing and I'm one lucky gal!

My friends are super amazing and wonderful and I love and cherish them dearly.

I love shoes also. More walking/running shoes. But I just saw a pair of teal and white heels with a peacock feather painted on a pair of pumps on

So that's me in a nut shell. Just your above average gal in an average world.

Until next time! :)

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