Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tuesday, June 5th 2012

So after 3 weeks I finally have something to talk about! Baahahahaha! I never thought that 3 weeks would go felt like it was going on F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

So fast forward to Tuesday, June 5th. As many. if not all of y'all know I went to an info session at the other hospital that day. It was really good because Brent was able to come with me this time and hear everything that I've been researching and telling him about. But it cool and informative that he heard from someone in the medical field...that does this for a living.

We go in after going to the wrong building...DOH!..I like freaking out OMG we're going to be late...must not freak out. We arrive and this lady is talking and I'm like CRAP! So I open this HUGE metal door and of course it's loud and obnoxious. We walk in and I'm like I'm sorry...sorry..excuse me...sorry. Then the lady, come to find out her name is Susan, said we we're not late. And she handed me my packet to fill out with my patient infomation.

Then the Dr. comes in. He was really nice. I actually liked him along with everyone in the MUSC bariatric department.

Here is the website:

So what the Dr. talked about was the same thing that the other hospital talked about. The pros and the cons of each surgery.

But two reasons for Tuesday was so Brent could hear the information and feel comfortable with the surgeries. And I had to attend to continue with the program.

That's all! Stay tuned writing the next blog..NOW!


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