Sunday, June 10, 2012

So it Begins...

The ball for the surgeries that is.

This is the blog y'all been waiting for.

So a lot has actually happened since the Tuesday info session.

I found out at the info session they do take Cigna and since I had a supervised diet with my doctor last year it's still good. I can use that. So my time for surgery...if approved...will come a little quicker than normal.

Here's a little bit...I'm actually really excited that my battle with obesity could be coming to an end and I'll be living a healthy life. :)

And for the record, those who think this is the "easy way out", I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken. The process to get to surgery is a long and tedious one. And let's not forget to mention of the actual surgery itself. Then the complete overhaul of my former eating habits/lifestyle. But I'll actually see results and feel better again. I'll be Sassier, Styleisher, and Sexier! BOOOYAH! :)

Now on to the details of the past week.

Well I finished filling out my paperwork on Wednesday and went to go drop it off and the office. Well since the hospital is downtown, and I am a horrible driver downtown...I got like major driving anxiety trying to drop of my paperwork. After 15-20 mins of driving around in a parking garage and then getting turned around and LEAVING downtown. Finally I said screw it and left and ended up mailing.

I got a missed call on Thursday, and listened to the message it was Lisa, from MUSC! WHAT!?!? So I called back. She said since I had Cinga I would need a letter of medical necessity and my records for the supervised diet from last year faxed over.

So I call my regular Dr. and took care of all that.

Before I got off the phone with Lisa, she said the dietitian and behavior health department would call me either on Friday or early next week.

I didn't think anything of it and figured they would call me early next week. Well I got a call from the dietitian on Friday and we talked for about 20 minutes and went over all my eating habits and she gave me some homework. Now I knew my eating habits have gotten OOC...out of control. But once we talked about them...I was like DAMN it all makes sense. My portions are insane but the wrong foods totally don't help it. And she told me to scope the store and pretty much get familiar with the produce section again and be aware of when I go out. So she's trying to take me off going out. Which is part of the reason for my obesity.

Once we got done she told me I can attend weight loss surgery support groups anytime. And I need to attend 2 nutrition meetings before surgery. Then she said that she'll pass on my info to Lisa and they'll call me and set up a meeting with one of the surgeons. I thought since it was Friday and almost quitting time that I would hear from them on Monday. Well to my surprise they called me back pretty quickly and I was able to set up and meet and greet with one of the surgeons! I set up an appointment for June 21 with Dr. Pullat! He was the one that did the info session and he was pretty great! :)

So everything seems to be falling into place. Continue to send your prayers and good vibes. And now I just need to meet with the crazy head doctor and then it gets sent up for approval!! YIKES!!

I can't believe its coming together! I'm soooooo excited!


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