Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welp...That's It...

First and foremost I want to thank y'all for being so sweet and supportive during this process. So thanks to all my friends and family!

So if your following this crazy journey; you know that I had a psychologist appointment on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. And it went really well! I loved it, Dr. Serber is amazing. She made me feel relaxed, and we just talked about everything. The fact I'm nervous about this HUGE change that's about to go down. The fact I'm going to see what life is like with a "1" in front of my weight. I don't even remember when I had a "1" in front of my weight. Maybe when I was born! HAHAHA! Just kidding...maybe. :) She mentioned the fact she didn't want me to sabotage myself because of that fear. She believes that I can kick ass and lose an ass load of words of course...but you get the idea. And I know I can but to hear a complete stranger...a medical professional. It was very encouraging. Then we did all these "how do you learn" test...I mean tasks...her words not mine. :) A brief sample; she reads a story to me and I had to recite it back to her. Well let's just say that test.."task"...was a bust. :) lol I'm a complete and total visual learner. I can't remember what I did yesterday, how am I suppose to tell you about some fire in Cleveland; where a hotel and restaurant burned down before the fire fighters could get to them. Seriously... :)
But she gave me draw the picture you see test, then at the end she made me draw it again. I nailed that bitch both times! :) lol Then it was resiting numbers and fruits and after 4 hours my brain was throbbing! It's been awhile since my brain was challenged like that.

After we talked about everything, she said I look good...mentally. She said I have a good head on my shoulder, I have a good game plan for after surgery, I have a great support system...i.e. my family, friends, and twitter/facebook lovelies! :) So she said I was good to go. Check this off my list. One more under my belt!

Then today came, Thursday June 21, 2012. THE day...meeting my surgeon face to face, meeting my dietitian face to face and the last step before my information gets sent up for final approval and then I'll be getting a surgery date.

So the day began with me helping, my wonderful and supportive, hubby so he could be there with me. Then we parted and we met downtown at the hospital. I get checked in, and everyone at MUSC is so wonderful and sweet...FYI. They called me back to check my stats...weight, height, blood pressure...etc. I apparently shorter than I! I'm 5'4 and 370 lbs...I can only imagine all the stress on my body. But not for long...hopefully.

Then they put me in this room and I meet with the dietitian...we just went over what we talked about on the phone. She was sweet, Debbie is her name and getting me healthy is her game. Sweet...I like that game. Then Diana came in! Now she has been my favorite. She was funny, put me at ease, knowledgeable, and just all around very helpful. So after a few minutes the man of the hour came in. The one that is going to give me the tool to get this weight under control...for good. Dr. Pullat! YAY!!! He came in, we talked, asked questions, and decided that RNY gastric bypass is the best option for me. I have the ability to lose about 170 pounds. Let me explain that 1-7-0 POUNDS! Yes an average size MAN! OMG! So after we talked squared things away. I went and had blood work done just to make sure I didn't have any thyroid issues or vitamin deficiencies.

So it's out of my hands now. All the medical people I've met have all agreed this will help me..110% hands down. They're passing it on for final approval from Cigna and this is where I'm going to need all the feel good thoughts and prayers. Because Cigna is well Cigna. :) But Diana said they at MUSC fight and usually get approval with Cigna...after they get a hold of someone!

Here I am asking for positive thoughts/prayers/sacrifices/shady deals/hexes/good magic...etc that everything pans out. And also patience for me during this time! :)

So that's all for now! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Am I Crazy?

HAHAHAHA! Well that's depending on who you ask! :) But we'll see what the psychologist has to say on Tuesday June 19, 2012.

Yeah that's right, as in NEXT FRICKIN TUESDAY! "Hey Lydia isn't your surgeon meet and greet on Thursday?" Why yes...yes it is! So I have both of my final appointments before my stuff gets sent up for approval to the insurance in the same week. This process is coming together FAST. I think faster than I put the weight on! LOL! So I could possibly have my surgery sooner than I thought. SWEET! And not so sweet.

You see I do want this to happen but I don't want it to go TO fast where I freak the eff out. And scare the baJesus out of myself. You know for those who are new to the "Lydia Show", I'm a very much "Type A" personality.

According to Wikipedia (a legit sight...I know) "The theory describes a Type A individual as ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status conscious, can be sensitive, care for other people, are truthful, impatient, always try to help others, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, proactive, and obsessed with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving "workaholics" who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence."

Yeah than add in my ADD and its a lovely combo! :) Contraction I me a Starburst! :oP

Anyways I like a plan. I like to know how I'm going to get to Point "A" to Point "E". I don't necessarily have to follow the plan I start with but I do HAVE  to know what's going on and what I'm getting into..and all the dirty and gritty details. As Brent called it tonight "to much information". I like to call it well informed. Tomato...TomAto.

But I freaked myself out tonight thinking about how much my life is going to change. As I told Brent, being overweight is all I know/remember. I can remember being a size woman's 14 in MIDDLE SCHOOL and it clearly increased over the years. So let's do the math for roughly more than half my life...from what I can remember...I've been overweight. So when all this weight is's going to be me and my sassy self. Nothing to hide behind or shield me from the world. I'll be "exposed". That's scares the ever loving God out of me. Let me express that one more time...THAT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not backing out...I'm not changing my mind...I'm just a little scared of the unknown. But who isn't right? I know this is going to be the best thing for me. It's going to change my life in soooooo many ways. I'm actually going to be a healthy "normal" person. I'm going to be able to prevent the onslaught of obesity related diseases. I'm going to be able to create spawns of me and Brent. I'm going to be able to go upstairs and wipe my ass without getting winded. I'm going to able to shop at normal 20something/30something stores...aka Walmart! ;) And most of all I get to live a long and health life with the man, that is my BFF and the love of my life. And drive him crazy like any good wife would do!

So when those pros are stacked against my one mental block. Things don't look half bad! On to see the crazy doctor!

Autobots roll out.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

So it Begins...

The ball for the surgeries that is.

This is the blog y'all been waiting for.

So a lot has actually happened since the Tuesday info session.

I found out at the info session they do take Cigna and since I had a supervised diet with my doctor last year it's still good. I can use that. So my time for surgery...if approved...will come a little quicker than normal.

Here's a little bit...I'm actually really excited that my battle with obesity could be coming to an end and I'll be living a healthy life. :)

And for the record, those who think this is the "easy way out", I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken. The process to get to surgery is a long and tedious one. And let's not forget to mention of the actual surgery itself. Then the complete overhaul of my former eating habits/lifestyle. But I'll actually see results and feel better again. I'll be Sassier, Styleisher, and Sexier! BOOOYAH! :)

Now on to the details of the past week.

Well I finished filling out my paperwork on Wednesday and went to go drop it off and the office. Well since the hospital is downtown, and I am a horrible driver downtown...I got like major driving anxiety trying to drop of my paperwork. After 15-20 mins of driving around in a parking garage and then getting turned around and LEAVING downtown. Finally I said screw it and left and ended up mailing.

I got a missed call on Thursday, and listened to the message it was Lisa, from MUSC! WHAT!?!? So I called back. She said since I had Cinga I would need a letter of medical necessity and my records for the supervised diet from last year faxed over.

So I call my regular Dr. and took care of all that.

Before I got off the phone with Lisa, she said the dietitian and behavior health department would call me either on Friday or early next week.

I didn't think anything of it and figured they would call me early next week. Well I got a call from the dietitian on Friday and we talked for about 20 minutes and went over all my eating habits and she gave me some homework. Now I knew my eating habits have gotten OOC...out of control. But once we talked about them...I was like DAMN it all makes sense. My portions are insane but the wrong foods totally don't help it. And she told me to scope the store and pretty much get familiar with the produce section again and be aware of when I go out. So she's trying to take me off going out. Which is part of the reason for my obesity.

Once we got done she told me I can attend weight loss surgery support groups anytime. And I need to attend 2 nutrition meetings before surgery. Then she said that she'll pass on my info to Lisa and they'll call me and set up a meeting with one of the surgeons. I thought since it was Friday and almost quitting time that I would hear from them on Monday. Well to my surprise they called me back pretty quickly and I was able to set up and meet and greet with one of the surgeons! I set up an appointment for June 21 with Dr. Pullat! He was the one that did the info session and he was pretty great! :)

So everything seems to be falling into place. Continue to send your prayers and good vibes. And now I just need to meet with the crazy head doctor and then it gets sent up for approval!! YIKES!!

I can't believe its coming together! I'm soooooo excited!


Tuesday, June 5th 2012

So after 3 weeks I finally have something to talk about! Baahahahaha! I never thought that 3 weeks would go felt like it was going on F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

So fast forward to Tuesday, June 5th. As many. if not all of y'all know I went to an info session at the other hospital that day. It was really good because Brent was able to come with me this time and hear everything that I've been researching and telling him about. But it cool and informative that he heard from someone in the medical field...that does this for a living.

We go in after going to the wrong building...DOH!..I like freaking out OMG we're going to be late...must not freak out. We arrive and this lady is talking and I'm like CRAP! So I open this HUGE metal door and of course it's loud and obnoxious. We walk in and I'm like I'm sorry...sorry..excuse me...sorry. Then the lady, come to find out her name is Susan, said we we're not late. And she handed me my packet to fill out with my patient infomation.

Then the Dr. comes in. He was really nice. I actually liked him along with everyone in the MUSC bariatric department.

Here is the website:

So what the Dr. talked about was the same thing that the other hospital talked about. The pros and the cons of each surgery.

But two reasons for Tuesday was so Brent could hear the information and feel comfortable with the surgeries. And I had to attend to continue with the program.

That's all! Stay tuned writing the next blog..NOW!