Saturday, May 19, 2012

Excellent Candidate

Hi, I'm Lydia Johnston and I'm your next weight loss surgery candidate. More information to follow!


So as y'all know I've broken things off with Weight Watchers and looking into the weight loss surgeries. I researched, youtubed, went to an info session at one of the hospitals here, and talked with my regular doctor.

I've engulfed my time and energy to knowing what I can about these surgeries right now. I still have questions and I still have another hospital to check out. And apparently this is THE hospital in this area for Bariatric surgeries. They called me...okay I'm getting ahead of myself...rewind....

Last week Thursday I went to an info session at one of the local hospitals down here and got information up to my eyeballs about these surgeries. Talk informative...well I guess that's the point of these things. DUH! But the doctor went through the pros and cons of each surgery and talked about the Bariatric program at hospital "A". I was honestly really impressed. I got a good vibe from the doctor, he calmed my nerves. He was easy going and I could see myself possibly going with him.

So I left 2 hours later with knowledge busted from my seams and I wanted to shout to the world. But alas Brent was asleep and well I wasn't to far behind him. :) Old married lady sleeping habits.

On that Friday, I went to my regular doctor to talk to her about what I was thinking, if she thought anything else or had any other ideas on weight loss. And she told me that she thought I had the right mind set and that I was an excellent candidate. I was really, for some reason, shocked. I felt a sense of relief, excitement, and hope. I mean according to the research I had done, I thought I was but to hear those words come from my doctor was awesome. Someone in the medical community saw and thought like me. Okay first of all kind of scary and second of all kind of cool! :)

Then the nerves set in...OH CRAP. I'm really considering this. This pieces are falling into place. My insurance approves the weight loss surgeries, my doctor thought I was an excellent candidate, and my doctor referred me to THE hospital for the surgeries. Since my doctor's office is a family branch of THE hospital. One thing she mentioned was she thought there might be a weight limit of the lap band but she said the gastric sleeve surgery is just as effective. With that surgery they take 3/4 of your stomach and form the remaining part into a sleeve. Its the middle of the road surgery. You have 3 to choose from, lap band (less abrasive), gastric sleeve (middle of the road), and gastric bypass surgery (balls to the wall intense). But I'm leaning towards the sleeve.

So I left with alot of knowledge and alot to think about. I'm actually stoked this is all coming together. Anyways now that you're all updated I got a call for THE hospital for an info session with them on June 5th. I'm soooo excited because I'm pretty sure my insurance will cover this hospital! Yay!!!


  1. I am so proud of you for sharing this! I have to say - I think you are an excellent candidate too. I'm not a doctor, but just from my own personal experience I think you are. My best friend's mom had the lap band surgery and like you she was trying WeightWatchers & was exercising before committing. I know other people who were not in that mindset of it being a lifestyle change and it didn't turn out so well for them. I know you will do great and I can't wait to read all about your journey! :)

  2. awww thanks Becky!! that means the world to have your supoort! you're so stickin sweet! :)