Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Step

As mentioned before my weight loss journey has taken a slight turn to the left and well I'm going to see where this road takes me.

I looking into getting the lap band surgery. I feel this is the best option for me. It's not as serious at gastric, I'll be in the hospital for 1-2 days. We can still have babies when that time comes...which is the one thing I was wondering about. I would hate to go through this surgery and either balloon back up or not have kids. But I would be able to with the band, the doctor would just loosen it to where I would have enough food for me and baby. babies...just future talk.

Also the one thing I was worried about is that my insurance wouldn't cover it and well I called today and it turns out they DO cover it. And I'm then next going to talk to my doctor about the option, see if I qualify on that side. According to all the Internet medical lap band sites and forums I qualify...found out I have a BMI of depressing.

Anyways not focusing on that BMI but like I said before I researched and will continue to research until the process end hits a dead end or I get done. And Brent and I are both on the same page about it...he even mentioned that if the insurance didn't cover he would go take out a loan. I'm really blessed to have such a wonderful hubby, that would do that! I love him!

But again I understand that its not a miracle fix, it will take hard work, dedication, and gym time...along with a few blood, sweat and tears. I honestly feel that this is the route I'm suppose to take. During the research they said the average stomach holds 6 cups of food...and I know mine holds WAY more than that. I would go down to 1/2 a I know the risks and side effects will be worth it to add 30 or more years on to my life. Because at the rate I'm going I'll be sent to an early grave. So it was time to consider something else to go along with Weight Watchers.

Yes I will still continue to do Weight Watchers. Because we all know it works...its just some of us need a small bit more help than others.

Again I hope you stay tune for this next chapter!

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  1. Whatever you decide is best for you, you'll have a lot of support. Your not giving up and that is the important part :)