Saturday, May 19, 2012

Access Denied

Well I got my first bit of bad news down this weight loss journey.

As y'all know I went to an info session at one of the local "A". Well they took my insurance information there to see if they would cover the surgery.

I got a call for the hospital and so did my friend, and she said that the hospital was calling to let her know that her insurance does cover the surgery so bring you medical info papers on by. I was like that's awesome, congrats...yay!!!

So I was thinking maybe they called me with good news. Well we were at work so I didn't have my phone on me. But when I checked my messages and I had a voicemail from the hospital!! the process really going to get started!!

I called her back and she was on the other line. So I waited and waited. I was getting nervous. FINALLY she called me back. And she said that my insurance didn't cover it at THAT hospital because it was an "out of network" carrier. BALLS! Damn you Cigna! Can't say that I'm surprised I knew that hospital and Cigna didn't play nice with each other. So I didn't get my hopes up to high. But lady at hospital "A" was so sweet and she said she even tried to get them to cover it with an out of network co-pay and my insurance was like no.

But I do see a positive out of this situation. The lady at hospital "A" said that Cigna does cover the Bariatric surgeries. So it was good news to hear that coming from a hospital insurance departmart. So yay!

Now as I mentioned before I do have another info session at THE hospital for weight loss surgeries on June 5th. And my family doctor is a branch of that hospital and Cigna plays nice with them. Now if this one doesn't go through I'll be more upset, but I still have Brent's insurance to try. So I still have options but it looks like the surgeries are the way I'm going. I've still be researching, and I even downloaded "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" to my Kindle! So I'm becoming a fountain of knowledge for this stuff!

So please, if your a one to pray, send some my way for patience and if you aren't the praying type just send good vibes!!

Well keep you updated! :)

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