Saturday, May 19, 2012

Access Denied

Well I got my first bit of bad news down this weight loss journey.

As y'all know I went to an info session at one of the local "A". Well they took my insurance information there to see if they would cover the surgery.

I got a call for the hospital and so did my friend, and she said that the hospital was calling to let her know that her insurance does cover the surgery so bring you medical info papers on by. I was like that's awesome, congrats...yay!!!

So I was thinking maybe they called me with good news. Well we were at work so I didn't have my phone on me. But when I checked my messages and I had a voicemail from the hospital!! the process really going to get started!!

I called her back and she was on the other line. So I waited and waited. I was getting nervous. FINALLY she called me back. And she said that my insurance didn't cover it at THAT hospital because it was an "out of network" carrier. BALLS! Damn you Cigna! Can't say that I'm surprised I knew that hospital and Cigna didn't play nice with each other. So I didn't get my hopes up to high. But lady at hospital "A" was so sweet and she said she even tried to get them to cover it with an out of network co-pay and my insurance was like no.

But I do see a positive out of this situation. The lady at hospital "A" said that Cigna does cover the Bariatric surgeries. So it was good news to hear that coming from a hospital insurance departmart. So yay!

Now as I mentioned before I do have another info session at THE hospital for weight loss surgeries on June 5th. And my family doctor is a branch of that hospital and Cigna plays nice with them. Now if this one doesn't go through I'll be more upset, but I still have Brent's insurance to try. So I still have options but it looks like the surgeries are the way I'm going. I've still be researching, and I even downloaded "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" to my Kindle! So I'm becoming a fountain of knowledge for this stuff!

So please, if your a one to pray, send some my way for patience and if you aren't the praying type just send good vibes!!

Well keep you updated! :)

Excellent Candidate

Hi, I'm Lydia Johnston and I'm your next weight loss surgery candidate. More information to follow!


So as y'all know I've broken things off with Weight Watchers and looking into the weight loss surgeries. I researched, youtubed, went to an info session at one of the hospitals here, and talked with my regular doctor.

I've engulfed my time and energy to knowing what I can about these surgeries right now. I still have questions and I still have another hospital to check out. And apparently this is THE hospital in this area for Bariatric surgeries. They called me...okay I'm getting ahead of myself...rewind....

Last week Thursday I went to an info session at one of the local hospitals down here and got information up to my eyeballs about these surgeries. Talk informative...well I guess that's the point of these things. DUH! But the doctor went through the pros and cons of each surgery and talked about the Bariatric program at hospital "A". I was honestly really impressed. I got a good vibe from the doctor, he calmed my nerves. He was easy going and I could see myself possibly going with him.

So I left 2 hours later with knowledge busted from my seams and I wanted to shout to the world. But alas Brent was asleep and well I wasn't to far behind him. :) Old married lady sleeping habits.

On that Friday, I went to my regular doctor to talk to her about what I was thinking, if she thought anything else or had any other ideas on weight loss. And she told me that she thought I had the right mind set and that I was an excellent candidate. I was really, for some reason, shocked. I felt a sense of relief, excitement, and hope. I mean according to the research I had done, I thought I was but to hear those words come from my doctor was awesome. Someone in the medical community saw and thought like me. Okay first of all kind of scary and second of all kind of cool! :)

Then the nerves set in...OH CRAP. I'm really considering this. This pieces are falling into place. My insurance approves the weight loss surgeries, my doctor thought I was an excellent candidate, and my doctor referred me to THE hospital for the surgeries. Since my doctor's office is a family branch of THE hospital. One thing she mentioned was she thought there might be a weight limit of the lap band but she said the gastric sleeve surgery is just as effective. With that surgery they take 3/4 of your stomach and form the remaining part into a sleeve. Its the middle of the road surgery. You have 3 to choose from, lap band (less abrasive), gastric sleeve (middle of the road), and gastric bypass surgery (balls to the wall intense). But I'm leaning towards the sleeve.

So I left with alot of knowledge and alot to think about. I'm actually stoked this is all coming together. Anyways now that you're all updated I got a call for THE hospital for an info session with them on June 5th. I'm soooo excited because I'm pretty sure my insurance will cover this hospital! Yay!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time to Say Goodbye

Dear Weight Watchers,

This isn't easy and I'll probably shed a few tears but I think that it's time we both go our separate ways. Don't get me wrong, I think you are a great and wonderful program but for some reason I am hitting a brick wall and need something bigger than the both of us.

You have showed me who I really can be. You showed me what it feels like to be healthy and happier than I am now. But the roads we are taking now are completely different now and I know you will continued to be a successful and grow and change with the times and people. But I need to explore other avenues of weight loss...which has led me to looking into weight loss surgeries. I know whatever I decide will be a great choice for me. And I hope you understand. It's not you, it's me. :)

So thank you for 5 wonderful and crazy years but it time to close this chapter to begin writing a new one.

I can't say anything negative about you, you were the best and you know that hence your major success.
So thank you. I feel that's not enough for all that has been shown to me. My eyes have been open to a world that I never thought I would "fit" into and you showed I can. Thank you.

But I've let go and now i'ts time for you to do the same. I will have nothing but love and respect in my heart and soul for you. You and I made an awesome team.

Lovingly Always,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Step

As mentioned before my weight loss journey has taken a slight turn to the left and well I'm going to see where this road takes me.

I looking into getting the lap band surgery. I feel this is the best option for me. It's not as serious at gastric, I'll be in the hospital for 1-2 days. We can still have babies when that time comes...which is the one thing I was wondering about. I would hate to go through this surgery and either balloon back up or not have kids. But I would be able to with the band, the doctor would just loosen it to where I would have enough food for me and baby. babies...just future talk.

Also the one thing I was worried about is that my insurance wouldn't cover it and well I called today and it turns out they DO cover it. And I'm then next going to talk to my doctor about the option, see if I qualify on that side. According to all the Internet medical lap band sites and forums I qualify...found out I have a BMI of depressing.

Anyways not focusing on that BMI but like I said before I researched and will continue to research until the process end hits a dead end or I get done. And Brent and I are both on the same page about it...he even mentioned that if the insurance didn't cover he would go take out a loan. I'm really blessed to have such a wonderful hubby, that would do that! I love him!

But again I understand that its not a miracle fix, it will take hard work, dedication, and gym time...along with a few blood, sweat and tears. I honestly feel that this is the route I'm suppose to take. During the research they said the average stomach holds 6 cups of food...and I know mine holds WAY more than that. I would go down to 1/2 a I know the risks and side effects will be worth it to add 30 or more years on to my life. Because at the rate I'm going I'll be sent to an early grave. So it was time to consider something else to go along with Weight Watchers.

Yes I will still continue to do Weight Watchers. Because we all know it works...its just some of us need a small bit more help than others.

Again I hope you stay tune for this next chapter!

Turn Left, TURN LEFT!

Okay so as you know my weight loss, has been well more of a weight gain. Clearly it's because I'm not eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis. But I've been thinking of why or what else I can do to get it right.

The why is because I'm in a different place in my life right now. I know I've touched on this before but it seems to be a huge factor on why I'm not losing. I mean I'm 28, almost 29. I'm taking care of a family and myself. My time is spread thin and I honestly rather spend it with my husband, family and friends, than at the gym or worrying about food. And then there is work, oh Le sigh. My job now is a complete 180 degrees different from what I was doing the first time with Weight Watchers. I'm a "manager" now. I have a department, I work by alone, by myself...which I love. But unfortunately it takes a lot of my most people. But when I get home, after a 20 minute drive. The only thing I want to do it get home and spend what little time I can with my hubby before he goes to bed at 6pm. So during that small time frame, around an hour to hour and half...dinner needs to be cooked, and eaten. So unfortunately we rely a lot on fast thru. I know not health and I could make better options but alas drive thru is a weakness of mine, an Achille's heel. I feel as if I'm NEVER going to eat at this place again. So I HAVE to order everything on the menu, 2 meals...etc. Yeah a bit backwards and totally sabotaging the bigger picture.

Which brings me to something that I've been thinking about for awhile and have researched all weekend.

I saw a Dr. Oz episode a few months back talking about weight loss surgeries, mainly gastric bypass. Saying how these surgeries aren't what they use to be and have come along way from what they're perceived. That got the gears going, maybe that's what I need at this point in my life, when I have the scales creeping slowly and deathly to 400lbs. *gulp* Then talking with the hubby, because nothing is for free in this world. We came to the conclusion that I can do it by myself, I DID it before by myself. Plus I've always been against surgery for myself. Plus my ego is to prideful...Leo problems I guess. ;)

Fast forward to the tail of last week. I was talking with a co-worker, about weight loss and how it's kind of just slowly creeping up and how this is hurting and that's hurting. She shared that she's going to Disney in June and won't be able to ride the rides, and she loves that. But she has also put on the weight and is on medicine for blood pressure. So we got to talking about different things for weight loss and what we need to fix. And she mentioned her doctor asked her to check out this weight loss group session at a local hospital and I told her I would go with her. So we have in the works and then she mentioned how she wanted to get the lap band surgery. And I was like oooh you don't hear about that one as much, I know for me all I hear is about know about is gastric surgery.

So I carry on and went about my day went home and went about my business on Friday. I work, and then the hubby called me to let me know he was on the way home at 10 AM...bastard...I was only 2 hours into my hissssss!

Anyways I asked if I went to the gym that morning, grumbled nooooo....
He was like know you need to go...
I confessed that I hadn't been sleeping and I really just wanted to sleep.
He told me understood but he was also really concerned about my weight and want us to live a long happy life. So I'm going to really stop smoking and you, you really should look at other means to help lose the weight. Like those weight loss surgeries...maybe lap band.
I responded with the Tim Taylor, monkey side...WHAT?! Are you in my head? I've honestly been processing this idea in my head before I brought the idea up to you. We were meant to be together! lol
His response Lucky me....

But in all seriousness I feel as if my weight loss journey has taking me to this point. I know its going to be just as challenging but at least my portion sizes will be check. And I can train my brain to correctly recognize the signals and work Weight Watchers also.

So I hope y'all will continue to follow and support me as my weight loss journey takes a turn to the left. TURN LEFT.

"Weigh In" 5/1/12 & 5/8/12

Well I had a gain last week and I'll have a gain tomorrow. i don't know what else to say except that my weight loss has taking a turn a different, new blog about that shortly. there is nothing to say except read the next blog! :)

Weigh in 4/24/12

so i lost 3 poounds this week! whoop whoop. not really sure what i did. i know i had a couple proms and working alot of crazy hours but wasn't able to hit the gym or prepare my meals. nothing else to report. on to the next blog! :)