Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5K/10K Beast

As many of you know I participated in a 10K about a month ago!

Sorry I'm late I'm doing a blog on it! :)  Can y'all find in your heart to forgive me!? :)

I woke up a 4:30 am, took a shower so I won't stink as bad when I finished, met up with my new 5K/10K buddy Allison. We got to our starting point at 6 AM. We lined up at 7:00 and waited and waited and waited for the race to start at 8. Well there for 43,000 people so they had to start in waves. And we were 3 to the last group. So we waited and waited and waited some more. And we didn't start walking/running 9:45! Apparently there was a mix up with buses and runners/walkers in the beginning. I think it boiled down to them not having enough buses to transport the runners/walkers.

As we inched closer to the beginning of the line, I started to get SUPER pumped. I started to get teary eyed and really couldn't believe I was actually going to do this...a 10K. I've NEVER done a 10K...6.2 miles. The last "K", I did was 4 years ago. I'm out of shape and out of sync with my body. Honestly the day before I tried everything to talk myself OUT of doing the walk. But Lydia 2.0 was like HELL NO! You're doing this! And well of course she won the battle.

They called my group and I begin to walk.

I had 2 goals one was to finish it and the second was to finish it under 3 hours.

I'm walking and I set a good pace in the beginning and just walked. I started up the Cooper River Bridge.

Okay tried to insert picture but I need to brush up on the photo placing in a blog.

I'm heading up the massive bridge and I start to slow down and feel the burn set in. I was at mile 3 by then and I knew if I stopped I wouldn't get started again so I get walking and walking and walking. I made it up and begin my descent towards downtown and I was like I'm really doing this I'm at the 4 mile marker and 2 more to go! HOLY SHIT!

So I continue to just walk. Then 5 miles goes by and I'm like hot damn...I'm actually going to finish this and not die. At this point my feet are feeling like lead and I'm alittle thirsty...they ran out of water once I got over the bridge...who runs out of water!?! Anyways

I'm trucking along and I see mile SIX. I was like .2 more miles. I can do this so I round the corner and there are my parents. I start crying and wanting to run, but my lead feet just were like no we're walking. I'm said okay I'm fine with that! I then look up and see the finish line and my dad cheering me on, pointing me out to my mom. I was soooo freakin stoked at the point I didn't care about anything but finishing and seeing my parents.

2 hours and 15 minutes later I walked proud of what I've done and who I morphed in to. I did a 10K...I finished well beneath the time I gave myself. I can lose the weight. This was sort of a symbolic kick off of Lydia 2.0.

That is my 10K experience. I'm planning on doing a 5K June 9th. And there is one in November want to do with Allison, that's around here.

But the one I'm super pumped for is the Disney Princess half marathan, with Stephanie @stephmiller!! We're part of #TeamBadAss! What son!

So I'm a 5K/10K junkie. Can't get enough! Which I don't think is a bad thing! :)


  1. I love Lydia 2.0! I am so proud of you girl, way to rock a 10km. #TeamBadAss is going to kick some major ass in the half marathon!

  2. Way to go Lydia! That's such a great accomplishment! You and Stephanie are doing the Princess Half?! I reallllly want to do that one!