Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Drinking on the 5 AM Gym Kool-Aid

Wow! Who knew getting up at 5 AM to hit the gym would feel soooo DAMN good!!! Why did I not come up with this brilliant idea sooner! "oooh I'm not a morning person" well I just might be...if I feel this DAMN good! Boo yah!!

Another positive on the gym front is I cut 3 minutes off my mile, I can do a mile in 20.30 minutes. Almost under 20 mins! That'll happen this week!

So once i got done with my treadmill walk, with my awesome app Zombies, RUN! Yeah i don't run YET! But I can totally walk and the app is still soooo much fun! Its pretty much a game and a running app. And I figure anything that'll get my ass moving is a good thing! :)

So while i got done being chased by zombies, I decided to do some work on the elliptical. Well I did my time and well I got off, went to grab the cleaning spray to wipe down my machine. As I begin to walk towards my said elliptical...which is on a legs decided "Hey we aren't moving anymore." But my top half was said "Naaah we are continuing forward." So I needles to say I ate a piece of elliptical. Thankfully its low in points. But I totally went face and upper body first towards the hump on the elliptical machine. OH MY G!!!! I burned some serious calories laughing my ass off!! Once I gathered myself if there was such a thing...i proceeded to clean quickly and leave quicker! But on the way out...I had forgotten how to get out of my 24 hour gym. Shut up...stop was way to early and I was nursing a bruised ego!

I attempted to leave and searched and searched and SEARCHED for a way out. And well I said screw it...I'll chill out until someone leaves and read these bulletins. Thankfully someone came shortly after me, and pushed the button! I then pushed the button and ran out I'M FREE!! I'M FREE!!!

Went into my car quickly and headed on my way.

That is my story. Only me! :)

Love- LJ

Shaving 3 mins off mile


  1. LOL - you are soooo funny! Sorry to hear about your mishaps but I think it's great you are getting to the gym that early and are shaving time off your mile! Way to go! :)

  2. Update soon, please. That is, unless you're still stuck in your gym! :-)

  3. HAHAHA! Y'all crack me up! And Kelly I updated! :)