Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Drinking on the 5 AM Gym Kool-Aid

Wow! Who knew getting up at 5 AM to hit the gym would feel soooo DAMN good!!! Why did I not come up with this brilliant idea sooner! "oooh I'm not a morning person" well I just might be...if I feel this DAMN good! Boo yah!!

Another positive on the gym front is I cut 3 minutes off my mile, I can do a mile in 20.30 minutes. Almost under 20 mins! That'll happen this week!

So once i got done with my treadmill walk, with my awesome app Zombies, RUN! Yeah i don't run YET! But I can totally walk and the app is still soooo much fun! Its pretty much a game and a running app. And I figure anything that'll get my ass moving is a good thing! :)

So while i got done being chased by zombies, I decided to do some work on the elliptical. Well I did my time and well I got off, went to grab the cleaning spray to wipe down my machine. As I begin to walk towards my said elliptical...which is on a legs decided "Hey we aren't moving anymore." But my top half was said "Naaah we are continuing forward." So I needles to say I ate a piece of elliptical. Thankfully its low in points. But I totally went face and upper body first towards the hump on the elliptical machine. OH MY G!!!! I burned some serious calories laughing my ass off!! Once I gathered myself if there was such a thing...i proceeded to clean quickly and leave quicker! But on the way out...I had forgotten how to get out of my 24 hour gym. Shut up...stop was way to early and I was nursing a bruised ego!

I attempted to leave and searched and searched and SEARCHED for a way out. And well I said screw it...I'll chill out until someone leaves and read these bulletins. Thankfully someone came shortly after me, and pushed the button! I then pushed the button and ran out I'M FREE!! I'M FREE!!!

Went into my car quickly and headed on my way.

That is my story. Only me! :)

Love- LJ

Shaving 3 mins off mile

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Week of Epiphanies

Well I must apologize for absence. I promise I won't leave y'all like that again!! :)

Anyways just an update on the weight loss front. Well I had a gain this I guess you could say weight gain front. Touché!
As mentioned last week of my gain of 1.5 pounds...the Hubster pointed out to me that it's not JUST 1.5 pounds. If you keep doing that every week for a year you'll gain about 80 pounds. *facepalm* HOLY SHIT!!! Why didn't I ever think of it like that way!??!

So that idea has been tossing and bouncing around in my head this week, while I was tracking, I wasn't tracking eating the best foods and going over! Which I knew wasn't going to be good, and I guess it was an experiment on what I needs change. I would say I'm about 50/50 on eating. So that's 50% healthy and 50 unhealthy. Which to be honest is better than I thought! I'll take that as a non scale victory!

Also I came to the realization that in order for me to go make it to the fits better into my schedule in the early AM, like 5:30!! YIKES!!! And I'm not a morning person! Sooo for me to get up at 5:00 and be at the gym at 5:30. I was going to put this idea in motion last Thursday but I totally failed on that front. My alarm was set for 5:00 PM! I woke up at 5:30 AM and by then it was to late! So I started today! And boy let me tell you it felt GREAT!! I was like man I should have done this a long time ago!! LOL! But I'll update y'all on the next blog about my gym experience in the dark!

And then the most biggest realization, came in the form of me finally excepting the fact that my body isn't going to lose the same as it did when I was 24 doing Weight Watchers first time around. I realized that my body is going to lose like a 30 year old. (I'm almost 30...I'm 28 years old) And this time around my life is COMPLETELY different from the first time and I'm not comparing them! So I'm at the point where I'm trying this for the first time!

That is my week of Epiphanies! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weigh In 3/6/12

WOW! Who knew following the program would work! I am proud to say that I lost 3.2.

My numbers:
2/28/12 - 363.4 (PMS/DMS week)
3/6/12 - 360.2

So I'm happy with what happened during the week. I had a couple non scale victories. I actually went to the gym and i worked the treadmill. I did 1 mile in 23.5 mins. I think that's pretty good, considering i haven't been the the gym in FOREVER and I'm at my highest weight ever. So I'm planning on getting my mile under 20 mins is my next step, and the I'll go from there.
Also I've been drinking water like a fish again. I feel good about that. I'm just very happy where  I'm heading and achieving my goal for our 1 year have my wedding set fit again. so I'm on the way! :)

until next time.