Friday, February 17, 2012

Weigh In 2/14/2012

The Weight Watchers gods were far to kind to me this past week. As mentioned before the insanity of Valentine's week took its toll on me, and eating "right" or choosing healthier options was non existent.

Do I regret my choices? Hell no!
I knew that week was going to be ape-shit-crazy, but I also knew this week I'm on vacay and getting back to the basic and back on track!

So let me not keep you in suspense anymore.

Weigh in 1/29/12 - 360.3
Weigh in 2/7/12 - 357
Weigh in 2/14/12 - 358.6

Yes a gain but considering the stress and what I ate, I'll take it. Its a gain, of course I wanted a loss, but I will walk away quickly just in case the Weight Watcher gods change their mind.

Agenda this week, get back to cooking, NOW I'm going to become besties with a guy name Gym. I'm cleaning out my garage with family, that's exercising right? lol :) Speaking of cooking probably should go grocery shopping since Hubster was home alone for supper a couple nights! lol Need to restock! :)

This week I'm back on track committing myself to WW 110%.

Lydia, Do you take Weight Watchers to be your lawful wedded healthy lifestyle.
I do!
Lydia, Do you take H2O to be the your drink of choice?
I do!
Lydia, Do you promise not to leave Gym behind?
I do, I do, I do!
Lydia, Do you promise to be keep being awesome?

Signing out! LJ

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